Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day Executive Summary!

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Love is pain in ass, deadly toxics addictive wiht many faces, the evil genius bastard! When you are hit by the evil genius you crumbled down you knees and kisses its ominous deadly mouth and give dark intoxicative deadly kisses. Demonic pledge for the hellish nuptial! --Goethe's Faust, come to mind. Goethe was lustful deadly bastard!-- Day and night yearning for dying in its hands, that is right! Your tormenter kill it or to be killed by it. The dark sinners hellish traitorous the better. Well, anyway all lovers kiss so much they had bee stings lips, put lip ointment in their sore lips for valentines day. Gosh they had brush teeth and gargoyle gargle every time they kiss kisses. Having garlic food for a romantic dinner; king pawn prawns stir fry, garlic scallops stir fry with onions that make them stinking smell all around with their nice rose scented mouths and meaningful commercial kiss licks. Merchant of love goddess blessed at the quick buck day. Love handling; young lovers hold flowers with eyeballing each other and hold a day for together in their eye sockets. Well when they die theses are sockets. See the painting van Gogh skull. So they gazing at their dead lovers in their anatomical sockets, lits neon lighted sockets; finding and lost loves. No eyeballs but sockets of sockets. Rose flowers was ugly they were everywhere – a walking rubbish bins. Love become so cheap breathlessly hanging its necks on the plastic wrapping. Wonder that is why the legend of star crossed lovers; Juliet asked Romeo, “dear Romeo we should committee suicide when we are young and beautiful that make us legend!” That is why they are legend. You never heard of old people dead love. Wow love is only for young then? That is right love mean young, poor and beautiful agonizing and committed suicide too, it supposes to be. But love is cheap whole sale! Everyone gets bargain! Love is no more exhilarated but exhausted, because young mean no more poor but rich unromantic, Love is dead!