Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cave Men's Symphonic Poem!

This interesting article from Project Syndicate:
…The commercial shows a beautiful nude woman, posing in front of her mirror, taking pleasure in slipping on sexy black panties and black stockings with garters – before covering up in a black burqa. All we see, as she looks out of the window, are her eyes, nicely framed in mascara. The tagline? “Sexiness for everyone: everywhere.”…
Precisely, around the world, sales figures of woman things, you can easily figure out what is hu/woman nature is. Doing economics! Wow still “feminists” around? I thought they all dead by now! Ugly bums rite of sainthood, they should learn nail-nut-bolt, nitty-gritty number crunch first places. Their hysteria is a little rat-hole view-point, without numbers they “missed-the—whole- point” and. “feminism” (I still don’t understanding the meaning of this word and what they were/are doing) squawkers on their warble warble’ picker fence, and hangings their old cheap wear-tear floppy bras bracing in their stinking hairy armpit/legs parodies. For me this is “fat ugly” ivory towers female’ men haters dome. I have never seen any good-looking female doing feminism stuff. --- they do dos “how to do nitty and gritty, nails and bolts, or dogs with bones kind of gleams --- while ugly females are, try to cover up their rejection, so they using word “degrading”, hey no one degrading women wearing head gear. Wo/Men in general don’t like ugly women! But mind you, beauty is strange thing! Anyway a woman in a dark garment and covering up their entire body at a heat, they are hot stuff! I hold my gaze on a dark scarved vigil lady with little admiration of their heat proof. Ideology cookie baking at a walky-talky oven or mourning for dead woman alter ego society! For me, this kind of issue is an individual choice. I don’t think their men asked these women (who live outside of Arabic world) covering up their faces but a choice of their own. As these women want to hide their fat/ugly under loss cloths. Not-Have-it-not-flaunt-it! It was hard to tell whether their covertures; sexy curves or pumpkin beeper-bump. But their movement showed that they were walking-fat trays, walking rain-water-tank zombies.

Cunning, they want to easy life and easy way out( women in west much hard life), hide their ugly bloopers under floppy garment, rubbing their grandmas’ cooing ointment their men’s ears and saying to them, their beauty is only to be seen by their only man, so stay at home and fatting their bums. So matter of choice. Young women were wearing their dark head gear very beautifully with top of their tight blue jean and high hills that is ok. Little girls wear them with bright colors. What a pure enchantment!(I tell them please “don’t grow up ugly!”). What the hell, if women want to cover up their ugly(beautiful) body and mind, only for their only man at a dark cave and journey for their flogging “only you” ideology, that is ok. And. Another side, women overjoyed with their full silicon booted breasts as a medallion of womanhood, celebration of many men-holes stage that is ok. Their bodies they can do whatever they want as they belong to them and they also belongs to them too. They can do their overture and conciliation in their young –bodies- minds at a graveyards and a candle lit dinner for their second life. Get it! A cool judge with his wig with bikini that would be a hot verdict!

Belief is demonic goddess. Goddess demand worshipers; enemies are masked by many different forms. You can find every faces of your own enemies if you want. “Feminists” feed their cheap greasy food name of women liberation. Their cozy life didn’t know what take to women forward as they didn’t the homework..., no hard data. Thus they didn’t or will not do, how to improve of womanhood. Women in today simply, as their men want them go out work!! Devious Cave men sitting at back cave take all the honey fruits, smiling and watching stupid fool front seat feminists’ claptraps. And saying; go girls, go kill, here are our tools makethem yours thanks thanks! Men are the victors, have cake and eat it too!

By the way if a man suicide boomer, for his eternal reward is 72 virgins in his harem for his ardent blows up, what is the eternal reward for the female-boomer? Ultimate discrimination! Full of it!