Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trade, Trade Your life!

Prof Paul Krugman Feb Class Action
I think major reasons decline interwar trade is slowly down competiveness among countries probably linked with the ineffective dispersion of automation in production line and its techniques? Full of bottle neck around all production line. As a result poor economic growth. (E.g. Deming’s TQM was the bible of the Japanese managers after WWII)

Another reason declined is that protectionism, the international trade flourished late 1800s ends in early 1900s and replaced protectionism until the great depression in 1930s. The first global trade starts this period of time I think 1913s. So increase international trade through ocean transportation with a huge cargo ships instead steam trains ships through canals and railroads. Another factor is currency devaluation also contribute the fact. It really means two things are determined global trade; transportation costs and tariffs. I think of the old silk roads the romantic camels across desert roads.

Up date: Wow nice to see he is puzzling! I though he knows everything in economic! He wrote very easily in here for us! He thinks we are all undergrads, babies! Patronizing, I hate people patronizing me! Anyway glade to know unknown area. I never thought economic effects in every our breath! Wonder all these economists thinking economics while they are; sleeping eating making love and calming and under top etc…etc…! Physicist think of law of gravity, and light of time, Don Juan think of seduction in every his breath! Don’t get it wrong I am very innocent; mind you I have wild imaginations that is all! Do you think we are heading for WWIII? Who is going to be the initiator? I don’t mind being the One? Some one has to the start always and the person is not necessary the last person in the planet! Anyway last person in the planet won’t be fun! He has to lots of dirty to bury all the dead corps but he can be the Victor! I like economic because our life story and law as well all the tales tales, we have some great stories in our case laws in Australia, all histories, some of stories quite sad, heart broking and enlightening to read. Professors who taught me both law and economic were very charismatic dynamos! Anyway all teachers like bit up themselves, all patronizing I think! I mean real teachers I am talking, you know what I mean! Trade is deadly business indeed! All related; politics philosophy geography cultures etc..., endless… how could we learn these things our short life that is I am asking!