Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Few Thousand Years Old Person Inside Of Me

If people ask me what kind of books I can not live without them. Well yes, I can live my life happily without any books frankly. During teen I devoured everything whatever I could access. After teen I read mostly old religious texts, anything fancy with people; All sort of human belief ritual etc… sometimes actually a monk or shaman or ordinary people ’ original hands written/drawn symbols in rice papers. Now mostly all kind of old odd kind of stuff. I obsessed about anything old; world of old oddity. I am a lover of all sorts old things, well known or nameless. I am looking into myself. I have an obsessive personality so I always obsess something; anything fancies me at the time of my mood, not all them same time. For example, an old text, I went through the world of ideas like thunderstorm, what I want to know, as a bone eater, thoroughly confidingly through its entire bones, crunch crunch its skeleton, then I know what it is. Subtext, underneath hidden meaning. I can interpretation in anyway as I please. I am not interested in its well documented story; they are all the same, rather I am interested in, why author had to be twisted that way. Why it had gone off from its shell to hell of human endeavor! Our human desire, every women are whores every men are bastards! Nature is there -common don’t pretend you are a saint! I don’t believe saints. - So I know what I fell in love really then move on next, a like a butterfly, suck everything.

I dig everything what I fancy on, don’t worry I am not fancy on you so I am not stalking on you online or libraries, or long journey for your graveyard and amorously touching your headstones Ok? He hee giggle geekgeek... this information age, made me heaven for my obsession. I can go everywhere! No one stop me no regime stop me! I consider myself expert in that area right! In my way ofcourse, believe me I do!! Mostly dead ones! Dead people are safe, I can challenge them without rebutted, that is why! I am a something of tyranny! To be frankly I don’t fancy any living poets and painters! Sorry living poets and painters! I stop read your poems! So don’t worry I am not stealing your unfounded bounty tiny fleeted imagination! Do you think I am wrong fancy on dead people! I might. Alan has given me his blessing though. “Off you go!” He says. hehee he think it is safe for me fell in love dead peopleee! I have some well known poets first edition you know. I bet you are pang of envy me! I knew where the places for some great things for great price! I won’t tell you that is my secret! Still some places, although all have been exploited. I feel I lived thousand years ago, somewhere Middle East, I might have been a wondering eyed Pharaoh! hee he al al…Sitting at the Mediterranean Sea throne, ridding Sahara desert sandstorm and banqueting blazing sunset with countless lovers!! And recite glory of love O yes Love!! Love that you could die for, whatever that mean! That is right! Old things are not threatening me, not punishes my adequacy in this modern world, a patron of comfort blanket. That was how I was brought up by partly; oldie moldy sort…!

Teen age years, we didn’t have much chance to side glance, just straight just straight,…virgin… one liner street we have to walk straight head up - hungry carnivorous beasts were prowling around fences and waiting for falling angles. That was it, well yes in Mao regime. Not because I collect books sake of” collection” rather, did not have chance to do anything else. Moldy smell of integrity, all most everything; houses, books, furniture, even cooking wears, even linens, even clothes - I have very beautiful old style velvet coats from Alan’s mom, I wore them at sometimes! People were looking at me, I didn’t know whether they were looking at me or the ancient styled gown, frankly I don’t care -- everything you name it. Sometimes I amazed myself how could I so fluently cope with modern techno-entourage. Sometimes I feel like a thousand years old person inside of me still, as my attachment love old thing is quite complex. Part of me I suppose…

To be continued…

Friday, December 25, 2009

Investment is My Talismanic Blanket

Here is a Michael Spence’s an investment commentary at Project Syndicate as:
Perhaps most importantly, short- and medium-run returns, especially during periods when they are high, should not be taken as accurate signals of long-run returns. Investment strategies should not be based on the assumption that all times are “normal” times, and that periodic instability is abnormal. The challenges of assessing systemic risk and the timing of instability are just that – challenges, not reasons to ignore the phenomenon.
When you are looking into the Kandinsky painting; there is time, ubiquity unclearness of colors of body work start with. It is a girl playing and polka dance or like her childish skirt, abstract figurines with all kind of elementary possibilities talismanic blanket there; sounds of movement and sound of colors and words of world of comfort and coziness. I can understand why all the world of economists so fanatically obsessed about their profession. Death only parted us kind of passion, very territorial, prowling like savage bulldogs at heat! I am still in a dark sky sometimes, but I can see stars, Milky Way stages, that are very romantic theatrical space crafts. Very much in our daily life is there, you can not figure this out to begin with but when you read all these fanatics words; start with I don’t know but still keep reading and reading that doggerel boring articles after after then one day “ AHA HA HAAA WOWWW…” O I can see what they are on about. Everyone whoever romance with their chosen field they are the winners! I think. Without passion and love, only greediness you can not be winners! I think When Kandinsky painted his painting he could see the all the possibilities of sensibilities in the field of his space. If he was not a painter he could have been a great investor in his time, I believe. He was enthusiastically experiment with his enigmatic intuition in his composition. Process of discovery of principal of our life, you can not see these elements with barren eyes you must in love. You must bewitched by their intriguing geometrical beauty and mystical inner agony despair; can be a black hole. I see investment is very much composition of our life story. You can lure into our complex yet very simple life natural process. You have to go though dark stormy sea and meet clime morning bay with glittering sunbeam. But we need a time to figure all of these out from craziness of time value and probability. Here I go OK!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Korean Parent - Massive Steel Tailgate Love-Fests

Here is CHOE SANG-HUN's Can-not-laughable tale of Korean parent obsession NY Times!
Swayed by the increasingly popular conviction that height is crucial to success, South Korean parents are trying all manner of approaches to increase their children’s stature, spawning hundreds of growth clinics that offer hormone shots, traditional Eastern treatments and special exercises.

Why can’t they leave their children alone? That is my asking, gosh what a trauma trauma! Nightmare custom made superfine ginnery children. Being a child in Korean is trauma. There is no such things as children’s right, Right? You see me as a kind of guinea-pig, turn out to be a completely opposite direction. Thank you, I was always the tallest or second tallest in my class. So I am not worry that kind of stuff, but one of my best friend is shortest class saying “ if my height is same as you I am not studying hard, I don’t need to!” Well yes she went USA in her twenty, blood and sweat in libraries (while I was a global nomad with matrons by wine, and blood sweat at night clubs and danc away nights!) and got a Phd and now respectable academia in a University, married to a nice fellow proof of academia and have two children. I am still studying and I still feel like a child, well I don’t know what to say! I suppose I could get Phd of brewing!! Or I could get a degree of “where is most funny charming drinking pleasrue worship companion are!!” Obviously Korean parents’ hot obsession of tall children, by fertilizing hormonal thing is eminent farces, only Korean can do that. They say “ O my child you are my little precious sunshine in my propaganda shade, you are squabbles jokes in my drafty crafty showcase, décor of my life, a risky investment and my genetically alternated property, grow inside my Stalinist regime! Stretched your boneless bonsai life inside my vacillated massive concern. Hey Korean mamas! If not careful your children gone off with patron of bending railroad, riding with opposite bandwagon!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Prof Krugman Has Full of Gay!

Darling, I love you! Krugman says, he must have been a very gay! Full of elation and honor of the conjugal banquet of “unfairness and irresponsibility” derivable to underivable and desirable to undesirable…etc. I must say, Darling is sweet adorable with his ample of doused kindles! What a heck of Darling gay is!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Will Have What He Is Having!

Source for Course, From Krugman
Well no one would like to hug a frozen frosty, bruised body for sure! Extreme hot and cold hot!!! She lost her rhymes in her balancing. Here is her hot cold hot hot fast arousing ramous roaming body! Result of, she has been abused by centuries, she is suffering from battered woman syndrome; mind is not her own, body is not her own anymore; Indeed out of control; a kind of sadistic and masochistic relationships with her ungrateful spoiled offspring. She is trapped, if she is not abused by us she would not able to responsible or arouse; well a kind of complex problems. She needs a long vocational loving therapy for her eventually well being! Right, otherwise she will be kaput. Be aware, her bloody torments teased soul; grafting boasting droughty and drowning tightfisted there is no honey and milk from her breasts! If we don't treat her with respect and dignity! RIGHT!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Game of Chance

Here is fat Europe’s moral responsibility for their past African colonial counties, they striped off all the wealth of natural resources and left economical political destitute; and most unforgivable treacherous exploitation of human slavery for centuries:
Historically, Europe must shoulder much of the responsibility for Africa’s current state of development. The slave trade, colonialism, and the flawed process of colonial divestment all left their mark on Africa’s newly independent and fragile states. Now materialistic Europe and the developed world are imposing another disaster by on a struggling Africa through a life style of self-enrichment, consumption, and waste.
And here is a short article of; who messed up African continent at the first place: The ex-masters should open their market to the African countries. So that thus they can sell their products to west and so that these can be lead to self-sufficient. Good for all around

Anyway here is a story goes:

Once for on time, at the Northern Scandinavian winter, Frozen short dankly day, the bodies of the world leaders at the Climate Change Summit are frozen turkeys for a ready for thanks-giving party. Frill dal dal, their frosty bodies at calamitously tattered at a warming hot fireplace and drinking a dodgy hot soup, a cupper feeble tea, and gulp down steep world straits and a balaclava dance at dawn-less dark night and “Playing Russian Roulette Game”. The chair of summit is the Donald Duck (one of my best friend!) His opening statement of the summit;
Quurrk Qurrkee…, I am the Chair of the most over crafted dis-gauntleted gone off orbit of summit! What is the big deal mates? Well speak up, all of your towheads, don’t put your precious well carved brains in your swanky briefcases and just carried by your armored body-tards or at tucked at pages in your glass cases. Speak up swindles gentles ladles swing your well carved hepatica purpled lips, with mumbled jumbled pious words and tell the world “how to save this hotheaded planet!?.

Our life is a game, the wheel of the equation Ok!!???*&^%$@#!)(*&^^ (+)^^∞√ńńµƠβ∑²☺!!! A game of our chance OK!? Here is a revolver with a bullet! Qurrke qurrke … who are the lucky leaders today’s game of the chance!!! Here we go! The wheel of game swing upside to down! Start! Here the revolver!( handed it to a leader)

The Mosquito County Leader(hold the revolver at his temple): well my friend of; sullies, naggers and immense mouthed Donald chair, thanks for this nibbling opportunity for speaking out how to save the world! Bugs bugs in toxicant, fleet of flies standings still waters and let them work on their own rhythm; our heavenly nest are dead carcasses rivers! (Click takk- Applauded with their body for itchiness, handed revolver to another leader)

The Rats’ Country Leader: Thanks the eminent misleading mates, pictorial carton laureate in your quarrelsome chair, I want to make the world of darkness, never wake up, the sleepy dawn-less dawdles place is the most habitable nest for us, we thus increase our breeding capacity would be a million in per second!! (Click –tukk Ovation ovulation follies -revolver to another leader).

The Leader Of Clean Air: dear straight backward naked dispositional cold turkey brained mates! I want to speak out my view of world in this phobia paranoia piled event. My militant exaggeration is; I am an invincible dependable and indomitable! I go everywhere; you can suck me lick me at my deeply indifferent outlook! Self pity not this is the fairest fair of all fairs! It is gigolos’ midday fling in a hot stuffy summit! (Click –tickisssssssss… the leader of clean air slowly fold his upper body on his desk, a finest strip of blood his left face flow down like a g-string of tart!)


The Leader of Earth: Wow he got the bullet! Where is my chance of game! She is gasping gasping with chocked by airless air at the fairest fair! Where is my turn, where is the game of my chance! Then she collapsed on the floor and drop dead! Her death was by dead air!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Dr Dolphin, The Deep Sea Therapy

Click on the image to enlarge
Cure Cure all! Magic potion!! I am pretty and smart! I am deep sea personal counseling, a cool-wiz Dr Dolphin Psychotherapist! I am warm and caring, With Knock-Out Credential! Of all a Wiz, specializing “Dysfunctional Human System!” Result of our clan centuries researches for the humans evolution, all your human have pickled with neurological disorders; the current human global down turn! Caged with your own straightjacket, genetic disorder deep ill-fated inferior complex, deep frenzy frozen turkey brains, traction not standing up - droopy down syndrome, warble warble faky stupid petty syndrome, dysfunctional political nerve systems, social un-resting deep depression –suicidal, mess killer – grandiose hallucination etc… limitless of our problem solving are. We straight up your spinal code which enable to you standing up with your own two ugly feet - Walk fast! We also make your feet pretty too! Please visit our site!!

The below images are, we particularly interest in:

All of the images are I pouched from Wikipedia Or Google
We constantly are asking question, what is the normal anyway?

Update: Slinky Dr Dolphin Song

Dolphin Song

Here, is human species
O pickled with inferior complex
Gowned feeble with vanity
Her little useless voice is no ripples
gathers no waves around her
No views no voice
Only bears of triviality
O come matter of view
Ill-fated human species
Business! Deep sea

Update: Young Sun's comment;
I must say I didn’t know how smart Dolphins are, I researched bit, and found they are incredibly smart animals. It broke my heart to see how intelligent they are. You can very easily felling in love with them, I also think they are very beautiful, sorry to say we human are very ugly compare to, I have to say.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dogs’ Life

Wht a beauty!From Wikipedia - Click on the image to enlarge

“Hey you “Ollie” what a wonderful dog you can be a great dog soup! I made a joke, to my dog lover friend's dog. They consider Ollie is their child. They were terribly upset my joke they didn’t talk to me for while. I had to profusely apologized them with my wild un-diplomatic joke. They know Korean eat dog and saying to me, “how could you people so barbaric and primitive!” etc. You can imagine. Your child eaten by another human! Dogs’ life; dog soup (chicken soup), dog barbecue (chicken barbecue), eaten by human! Yes gruesome ideas for people who dearly love dogs, consider they are part of their life. We human are carnivores and eat another carnivores! To eat or to be eaten! Our theme of life!

Wow, I grow up with dogs, as far as my memories goes. One of my earliest memory was, when I was two years old, I was wearing with red skirt with white dots and carried with a succulent pot plant with my dog. I was a strong girl then well still do. I think he( I can not remember but I think “he”) licked my feet so I dropped the pot and it smashed on the ground and I was giggled loudly because of the tickles. Yellow colored, of course very beautiful and smart my dog, my dogs were always beautiful and smart you know(I know later that it was a hybrid mongrel Jindo dog)! His nicely crafted wooden house not far away from the main gate, under a persimmon tree. So some one opened the squawky heavy wooden gates, he was front of the gate. I was always scrubby because of playing with him, so I was told “don’t sitting on the ground!” Don’t feed him while you are having meal! I wonder why then I scare of germs now! A good question! My grandmamma comment was” no man will marry you because you are so scrubby!” it was horrible curse for old days in Korea. Anyway the dog died few years later I think, he ate poison which used for mouse trap, they said. He laid his yellow body didn’t’ move on the garden shade under my window. Opened eyes I could not understand what was going on then, I was calling him but he never wiggled his tail his eyes were blank gaze. Why all the dead animals opened their eyes? I though he was sleep but they said he was poisoned. Un-jo dug a hole, under a pine tree, soft dark soil his golden color fur, buried him at a pine/bamboo forest near house, nice spot for my beautiful dog. At night I could see the forest my window, sometimes moon rise sea and dangled top of trees, my dog would be a heaven and cried for while, one day my little titled cute baby baby little dog appeared, my grandmamma said it was re-incarnation of my dog so my life was move on. Learnt life and death in my early age. Almost always nice spots were occupied by splendidly carved tombstones.

Sleepy village, we had almost every household had dogs, gorgeous baby dogs gave away for free. Seeing sad eyed females’ dogs their baby was taken away. It is nice to be born with human you know! Not everyone eat dogs. Certainly women didn’t, but the thing is “dog soup” consider as a “stamina or aphrodisiac = Viagra”, this were human become animals and their killer instinct begin with. Especially when summer, elderly and (also young) men were sitting under cool tree, looking at the cyanic idle hot summer, boringly aimless waves sparked at the shore and then make them into some of full blooded thinking. Their old habit dies down hard and yearning for their sexual prowess. The universal theme – the song sheet. The continuity of mankind. Viagra=dog soup! - I know all of you are taking Viagra for sure! How many, how often are you taking it? I bet you believe, your pivotal prowess bedroom(outside or any places that matter) performance the barometer of your manhood! Thus the village men were hoping and saying ‘ hey we going to have dog soup and dog barbecue for our tattered drive, squalled rejuvenated our manhood explosively, let’s have dog soup!” It has been a culture and with their whole life so they don’t consider it was as barbaric. I think it was always summer. Their old lusty memory evokes their fading sexual vitality for one last chance of explosion! Are you not agree? I think it is a psychology, mind map, kind of my brain tells me you have to do exercise every single day and it makes you less cranky. Right!

Actually, there was a little feeble goat bearded man who went around brought dogs, I didn’t know then or didn’t think that way but all these dogs end up a big city for dog restaurants. Except breeding dogs. Truly, they didn’t killed village dogs but they exchanged or brought dogs from the dog-man. Least their didn’t eat their own dogs. His bicycle attached threads into dogs’ collars and rid through the villages. An occasion, one of my friend’s dog has been sold by his parent while he was at school, after he was so upset, his father went to reclaim the dog. So when we saw the dog-man hanged around village, we hated him so much, ganged up and through at stones at him while we were hiding in a bush while he was passing isolated road. He was speeding up his bicycle like a sprawled in a mutation. The killing animal usually carried out when we were at school, because we were kind of flees, an eventless backward village any events were incredible jouissance. Everyone knows everything what was going on their neighbors, we knew what went around these exciting events. They can hardly hiding anything from us. We knew everything what was adult talking you know what I mean. We were outsmarting then their hidings.

Bosintang- or Viagra day! When we came back from the school, just knew, the smell, strange greasy unpleasant smell breezed around village, some of other village older men were also hovering around at cool shade then we knew unusual event in the village; a temporary black pot under shades, fuming away feeble steam at the tiger lily nest. Carnivorous beasts and beauty kind of thing. O yes kind of barbeque party in southern summer, at the beach, wooden village communal festive dining table lay out. Bottles of alcohol from our brewery also presented there. Women no where to see but only men; yes men’s aphrodisiac summer party for their dreary dreamy summer nights.

Jouissance! beneficial or not, I think, most of women were against their men eating dogs, because of such an intimate relationships with their dogs. Well still they were waiting for their amours nights, their rifled sexual prowess lover for under cool stars. An ultimate origin of human expression!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where The Hot Love Affairs Is!

Yes! What a hot amorous burning spot in the world. You can see where the hot love affairs is! This article from the Heritage says all the juicy stuff: Click on the image to enlarge
...Asia is home to more than half the world's population. Freedom and tyranny live side by side across the region, as do economic opportunity and poverty East and South Asia have some of the best places in the world to do business, but they also have some of the worst. Asia is home to some of the most unstable, dangerous nations in the world, and it is home to some of the most steady and reliable. It is also home to the only country in the world capable of emergng as a peer competitor for global American influence - the People's Republic of China.
For all gutsy wiz hell rising Frontiers! March to the East! Here is your oysters! Leave your old staled nagging wife ("spouse" should be, political correctness) and going east for chasing for new young different Love! This is your theme of life! She can be wild pigheaded and pain in ass but she will bring you life of colors, dynamic and wealth! She makes you never boring! Beware! Beware! She is temperamental and dangerous, so you have to master the “art of the war” beforehand to conquer her. Otherwise your soul and heart will be sucked by her hungry tracheas and left you dead. All of you, wiz frontiers with your imagination and innovation welcome! Love conquers all remember this!!!

Mermaid invitation: Where is night never end where sun is never set, romance with sunset, drumming your heart under cool gaze of lovers eyes under coconut trees at a banana republic, gasoline lamps lit at perfumed jasmine, food is good, wine is bloody and people are exotic, all wiz frontier come to east!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Positioning of The World

The below is interesting trend, a chart from Prof Makinw’s blog as his thanksgiving gift, so my interpretation the world economic trend as:
1). Middle East & Africa: dol dol dol…dol dolll…ul…, calm even vanilla syndrome.
2). Latin America: dill dil... diol…dol..dil doll…dolll… matter of fact obligatory syndrome.
3). Asia/Oceania: dall…dall…dalll up…up up dul up dul up dul down dul up dup du hard core indecent syndrome
4). USA: dual dual down dual up dal down dup up dam down dam up up down won down…jittery sudden syndrome.
5). EU15: dod down down dul down down dul up donw own droopy down syndrome.

Your Jingle of Day – O Happy Day!

This Norman Manea’s article from the Project Syndicate read;
As Thomas Mann once wrote: “Freedom is more complicated than power.” Freedom changes the frame and substance of choice, and of individual and collective responsibility. It highlights the contrast between initiative and apathy, enterprise and obedience, competition and total dependence on a state that embodies a kind of unshakable fate. Just as slavery must be learned, step-by-step, in order to survive its terror and tricks, so freedom must be learned in order to face its risks and opportunities.
Freedom! Well yes, mighty freedom pissing freedom, dogs’ springs’ devils, and yours and my freedom! O yes what is the “FREEDOM”? We don’t, well as long as you are human, with thinking brain, you have no such as “freedom” we are all in a system of our own creation, sometimes convenient for us so we called them “freedom” sometime it is inconvenient for us we called “something else; slavery or socialism or communism or something”! All governed by how much you have; that can be power or money whatever you call it. Everything has its cost, there is no such thing as “freedom of free lunch!” right! Freedom has freedom cost and slavery has its own kind of problems…, you can not have everything. You can not have day and night together. When dawn breaks the darkness faded away, you faced on new waved canastas of horizon each day. You have to play the game of day by your given melds, end of the day whether you gain something or nothing, that is the game of the life. You can mourn by unable to have both side of decks but what can you do about it. I supposed that is called evolution of our life. Good or bad, swings with the great trickery of our life that offers to us. When you are surfing the wave in your way you feel less frustrated by and if not you feel miserable. We are all in a huge cage within magnetosphere, rat races, round round… contest who is more strong, you or me? hey you “LIFE” I shall learn and conquer your unavoidable faith, keep racing racing every single day, And one day drop dead…

O happy day! This is your jingle of today!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Food Self-Sufficiency

The article from the Economist, which sums up the world current food situation. The new trend is “food self-sufficiency”
Perhaps the most striking trend is the move from “food security” towards “food self-sufficiency” as a goal of national policy. The first means ensuring everyone has enough to eat; the second, growing it yourself. The Philippines says it hopes to grow 98% of the rice it needs by next year, though whether it can meet this target is unclear. “Indonesia must struggle to reach food self-sufficiency,” said President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono last year, announcing big increases in seed, fertiliser and credit subsidies. Senegal imports 80% of its rice, putting this small African nation in the top ten rice importers. Rocked by food riots in 2008, the government responded with what it called the “Great Offensive for Food and Abundance”, and promised to become self-sufficient in staples. Others with the same aim include China, Malaysia, Colombia and Honduras.
Hunger was there in my village, though no one obviously staved because of the Korean culture, everyone helped each other out, so people need food go a house where work for food and shelter, or crops what they need for barter. There was a small social security but for people actually disabled or elderly people who didn’t have children to depend on. In these days in common in our village. When these two essentials solved, people don’t need much money to daily bases. Even if you don’t have money with old and sick still you were looked after by the villagers. That was a nice tradition. So I didn’t’ know fully what it mean hungry until I was in my university and I could go out freely without much restriction to see things. I saw big cities are different. I was shocked to see so many people acutely was hungry. No one cares in the cities. In Korea “soup kitchen” kind of originations are not very old. Ofcourses now days are different. So if you didn’t have money to buy food that was it, end of story then. Few of my friends were hungry too. After uni fees and books. Sometimes they didn’t have places to live so they stayed around libraries.

One of my friend, who was brought up very religious back ground, he could not find jobs and could not afford his fees altogether with food and shelter, went to a church, played to his god day and night, ask for help and whenever he had time. But the help never came so he had to stop his university and he spited a church ground, never looking back his god altogether. Remembering his hugged eyes, saw his desolation and disappointment of the world he cherished so much and wanted so much part of it.

So many wealthy counties people they don’t know these, they only see through their rose color view of hunger, charity to their extent generosity yearly ritual. Feeling good about their generosity but we should do much more then that. I bet you feel a little guilty with your cozy thanksgiving feast!!! Hummb… while lots of children are staving you know! Anyway I am glade to see the trend “self-sufficiency,” We, human are incredibly resourceful! “If you can not go straight into it and go around it!” That is Alan says

Nice nice indeed the trend…!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stamina for Scumbags Exterminator!

This image from Wikipedia
Wow I remember this dish! yam yam Samgyetang, yam yam my grandmamma Samgyetang tang!!..., what’s new Samgyetang? Stamina Samgyetang! Inside chicken tummy, there should be dried dates, ginsengs, chestnuts, gingers, sticky rice and garlic and many different types of herbs inside stuffed with thrilling yam yam tasty trickeries grow and melting into abreacted heat. Hot summer evening traditional Korean stamina dish. The ceramic pot is still boiling in the dining table, you are sit bit distant until it cooling down, and you are served a potion of stuffing and meat. The stuffing is very very tasty, you would never know what I am talking about hence you never tasted it! they are nothing like to have in a restaurant.

Remembering, number of headless chickens, lay their emptied guts, silenced hullabaloo stretched their feetless legs shamelessly regard on a basket. I went straight into the chickens’ cages whether some of my favorite chickens have been killed and end up at the basket while I was in school. Of course they did it. They always did the killing job when I was not there so I could not yelled at Un-Jo. Un-Jo been with us since he was a child, he was an orphaned distant relative, a was part of family, a kind of managing, oversee the field work e.g, I called him uncle, he was very handsome, quite and intelligent but he was a something of real killer. I watched his killing animals with awe, I was hidden a distant rock or top of trees, if you were caught by doing this you were punished(standing up a corner of room for an hour while grandmamma was reading her script…watching me!) so I was always careful. I didn’t know why but I knew when these killings happens; ordinary killings, or mess killing when a special occasion or visitors at home e.g.

Wonderment, his expert killing animals, his hands movement and his face; healthy glow and emotion. Think of it, he was enjoying in these killing! Very fast, a chicken e.g., if it was in a field, he snatched it like an acrobatic motion, hold its legs, walking toward like a graceful male dancer, the chicken was twitching its head down in his hand, toward its end; quirk quirk… he took it to the killing spot at the behind barn, put its head at a wooden chopping board and slating down with an axe to its head, eerie noisy quuukkeeii… the chicken head off its body and dropped under chopping board and blood splurged from its body to air and to the ground.

The killing was a pavilion of summer afternoon. The blood, bright vermillion to dark crimson colored soil, his dark amber handsome face, and his blooded huge hands and plastic apron are guarded with sunset in his stipulated shadow. And he took the lifeless thing to the back entrance of the house, there would be a huge black pot was waiting with boiling water. After no one around I went to inspect the site, sometimes I see the dead chicken heads too, motionless eyes half gazed and strewed at the dusky sky. I was once caught by him, he smiled at me but he didn’t say anything. I tried to mimic his skill in my killing frogs same way as he did but not the same. Frog and chicken are different things you know! I think I was little afraid of him acutely! But my brother loved him. They were very good friend, he made him kites and took him catching wild ducks but never took me! I don’t know why? He was very a decent man, but because his killing animals I was naturally distant I think. He killed everything; rabbits, chickens pigs and dogs (one stage I was deeply worried that they might eat my dog too, so I made very loud and clearly my dog can not be eaten, this supported by whole family! Pet dogs are friend of family they said. But I could not trust so I could ask him for his assurance, and he promised. I will write a dog story another day in here) and also ducks.

Now, go back to Samgyetang, I though that, wow it was too hot to eat such yam yam! But now I am thinking that it makes me really boost my lethal energy and to beat hell out of the all scumbags with aids this evil genius Dr Who’s ---Prof Krugman’s suggested--- the robotic troops. Fight with them; eyeballs to eyeballs, mind you these scumbags have no brains, morbidly depository of low self-esteem and stashed with inferior complex. So if anyone challenge them, they can not handle it, they think that is put them down, so just raged with their button size egos, buzzed buzzed… gosh they are the chickens, chopped their brainless gutless heads off and put them into summer heat for boiling to feed their end.

Unaggressive, I cursed them with “death of losers” twittering their little testicles egos, yes, their button size egos are the leeches of their feeble manhood. I know that “REAL” men are they know who they are rarely show their egos, which are well guarded underneath their aplomb. Cool as the Antarctica glacises. They love challenged by their peers, ease with other people’s challenge with amusement and compassion. After all they know who they are so they never bother such thing.

I will ask Alan for a gift! Give me a hot-cool stuff that I will bash up all the useless brainless and feeble unimaginative little pricks and send them to a lethal chopping board!!!

He would say don’t do “Young Sun”! Don’t bash everyone’s heads with your unguided missiles!

Do you think am I heading toward an evil megalomaniac? Or am I already a megalomania?

Monday, November 16, 2009

What is the NORM anyway…?

This nice Prof Peter Singer's article make me think of the agreement of significance and insignificance.
Dr. Cook had little time for such subtleties. Only “a very naïve doctor” would think that giving a person a lot of morphine was not “prematurely sending them to their grave,” he told Fink, and then bluntly added: “We kill ‘em.” In Cook’s opinion, the line between something ethical and something illegal is “so fine as to be imperceivable.”

This kind of human confession is, humh… essential for our life. Imperfection, inability to drew a line that what is proper what is wrong. But then what is right? What is wrong? Anyway! I am not sure what is called this but I am sorrowful this kind of unavoidable situation, make a human life so worthless. And these Drs had to make a fanatic choice, who to live who to die. “Hey you, woman you should die because you are useless in our society, squander precious resource! Hey you, man you are useful in our society your contribution will be save for mankind so you must alive! Fair enough! But then this world everywhere this kind of things happen, cold and deliberate, cynical about human life that no longer sacred but only gowned as; religion, culture and usefulness, and all sort of things etc…different names and colors. “Usefulness” if the usefulness in our camp ok but if the usefulness in an enemy’s camp so that is a good enough reason to be dead too! But I suppose we are living in a world that with full of contradictory. That is part of our life, the nature. Undisputable and indestructible force of our nature. Eat or to be eaten. Neither ever romantic nor abstract, just cold sorrowful reality in charge. I think, this kind of choices is not human punishment but rather the way our life like that way, unavoidable choice we have to make our life sustainable. Pure human emotion beem taken over by pure utility. Negation of all our seductiveness to a pure survival. Probably that is good enough reason? Sometime we have to make a choice to make a gruesome moment is bearable. We have to make a decision what is best for the circumstance, we simply obliged it. We are not betrayed anyone just the way of dealing things where norm no longer exist or applicable. What is the NORM anyway…?
Yet! Unquestionable testimony of our life that not only deeply beautiful but also morbidly ugly!

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Sleepy Village Radical Change

Surprise, surprise! I had another dream again few night ago. By the way I had a nightmare few days back, but I don’t want write lolly polly the nightmare, instead this dream. This time I was in my village. So I had my time capsule machine on turn back to where I was a little? No I think I was a visitor in my own village. They said that it was a war, but the war was very old style, a kind of war in period of Three Kingdoms of Korea. Like the above picture with more people. But scales were a very small so it fit into a tangling foothill where I could see whole view. People with dark brownish clothed, moving around, soil elected layers of field, like the spring seed just planted mount. Field has little bellies. And upper side was a dusky and lower side less dusky ambaries, time might have been just after sunset, not yet dark but still can see the foothill, fading into darkness. The lady was the commander of the war, as a usual very firm authority and unforgiving way, velvet gloves with iron fisted lady in her full performance. Everyone followed her as everyone knows she is very smart. And all of the sudden changed the scenery, lot of people in a small space, not open spaces so it might have been a room. Now this war has been changed into making a movie. So we were become bundles of extras. We were moving one form one motion. So the lady said, we push backward and forward each other end, and given to us a the above image (milddle) geometry patterned wavy dark brownish colored garment, under that the garment there were a layer of people with painted faces like aborigines, were moving same motion as the garment, that was how making a move. Not clear but clear enough, the mood was stuffy and airy motivated feeling. Everyone eager to participated, neither happy nor unhappy. And all of sudden the view of the whole village street appeared. There were ladies wearing Arabic dress- beautifully made and embroidered, very expensively dress with hijabs, I think few men there too, wearing long Arabic traditional cloth, walking and riding old carriages leisurely on the street. So I asked someone beside me, where all the ladies come from? They said that they all live in the village. So I acclaimed, saying “ O man O man! This really changed really changed, foreigners in our village? Don’t kidding me please! O Man what happen in this village! I was start laughing myself, keep saying O man O man what happen to this village… unbelievable unbelievable this incredible… I laughed and woke up… and was thinking that could keep going for another half hour so that I could see whole view of changes…

Monday, November 2, 2009

O Korea Korea, You Come From Long Way! Forward!

Courtesy this nice article and picture to NY Times

O Korea Korea you move so slowly, one steps forward few steps backward, carefully the pure bloody tattered stinking derogatory medallion in your “ han” breasts! Where you come from? No No land the land everyone invaded and made you insipience, so you made a consolation in your hate and sorrow for “pure bloody blood” crap as the way you could love yourself bit and have a bit of dignity! But that makes you not irreplaceable magnitude to the world. That made you backward! Caged yourself as a hermit loneliness for while! But you had to stand up for firmly to the bullies and against all the odds and build yourself as strong as today! You are now strong and beautiful that make you desirable and as a huge potential but then without your wisdom there is always inferior complex in your forehead! So no more dangle your useless derogatory and hypocrisy! Open your heart proudly who you are with sincerely to the world. It is time for move forward proudly. All the shameful and painful embraces as a part of your unforgetful history as the foundation of who you are today, suffered and survive against all the odds! You Korea, come from long way! Forward! SPEED UP!!!

In South Korea, a country repeatedly invaded and subjugated by its bigger neighbors, people’s racial outlooks have been colored by “pure-blood” nationalism as well as traditional patriarchal mores,...
The government and media obsess over each new report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, to see how the country ranks against other developed economies. A hugely popular television program is “Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies” — a show where young, attractive, mostly Caucasian women who are fluent in Korean discuss South Korea. Yet, when South Koreans refer to Americans in private conversations, they nearly always attach the same suffix as when they talk about the Japanese and Chinese, their historical masters: “nom,” which means “bastards.” Tammy Chu, 34, a Korean-born film director who was adopted by Americans and grew up in New York State, said she had been “scolded and yelled at” in Seoul subways for speaking in English and thus “not being Korean enough.” Then, she said, her applications for a job as an English teacher were rejected on the grounds that she was “not white enough.”

Update:We Korean women are much for brave and courageous than Korean man!!! All La la la take that… also more beautiful than your ugliness take this too!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Van Gogh, What a Great Bastard He is!

The Van Gogh letters made a book here and here. I read some of his letters, my painting teacher introduced me start with that I should read them. Then I always thought that how life could so unfair to the great man, but I no longer think that way, on the contrary he was a deeply privileged man, as he could excess the secrete of life where not many people can or could excess. I think he was a great philosopher in canvases, like the Tolstoy in his wordings.

An endlessly flat landscapes…seen from a bird’s eye view from the top of the hill … vineyard, harvest cornfield. All this is multiplied to infinity and spreads like the surface of the seat to the horizon….
….the color is exquisite here… When it gets scorched and dusty it gets not lose its beauty, for then the landscape gets tones of gold of various tints, green-gold yellow-gold, pink-gold, and in the same way bronze, copper, in shore staring from citron yellow all the way to a dull, dark yellow color like a heap of particularly clear, bright blue --- green blue, and violet-blue…

He is in love the field, all the existent; unconquerable power of life, the cycles the passage of time; newness and death, yet the deathlessness, longing for eternity yet see the fleeting, the loneliest blue distant and lusty heated soil, the endless progression of field, the destiny of our life, the breathing of colors and lines. All in there! All existing and surviving in harmony in destruction and beginnings. He is exotica with the field the hues and the sky, all the things in there mesmerized him, he is alive he is most alive in there; turn him into their world of composition which no one can see but only him. In return they open most intimate, secrete side of their life open to him; in a gratuities and most loving way. The field, the summer, the sky and the distant the fleeting moment, represents only for him as a whole! There he can be the commander of the myriad, the most beloved and the most wanted guest, after all he is most normal and most human in the composition! What a great bastard he is!

Sell Sell Kidneys for Food!

O yes, Sell sell, sale of kidneys! Healthy kidney here! Matches your condition! Ladies and Gentleman here are your noble deed kidneys! Here are some of the hottest kidneys of history. Stalin, Hitler, and Mao Zedong and Kim il Sung kidneys, all customer made! Perfect matches your taste! All conceit, injustices, follies faithfully serviced their mankind obligation. No errors, heartless, all moral gone with wind, sprit of supplies and demands pure logic here is the bargain! Your well being is the heroic reason only! Here is bidding starts! This Hitler kidney is meaning of million suffering, meaning of gas chambers and his spiritual wellness is well documented facts; follies and atrocities! The starting price is $1million! Mere a million! Ladies and gentleman you never get any better bargain than this! O yes, the gentleman at the corner with gold pampered glass, ex-centrifugal repetition in his little face, aged with grumpiness, agile as nimble stone, O yes mere $1millon! Any another offer? O yes here is the lady in the front row, a velvet tart with relentless carrot smile, affliction with arrogant and coddles with dimmest, wants $2 millions buck for the Hitler’s organ! A great offering! O yes you lady what a selfless offering! What a saints like offering lady! Any more offer? Your craving is my ponzi deed! The heroic madoff is my ripoff idol! Pleas don’t tipoff! Anymore offer over $2 million? One for $2 million! Two for $2 millions! Three for $2 million! The Hitler kidney sold the for the lady in a terrible purees with Mein Kampf, the recipient of this kidney is a universally hated humanity of deviation!

Ha ha… this kind scene we might expecting not so far from a distant future at an auction house for kidney auction! Why not! I don’t know much of the human anatomy as what is the result of removing one kidney from a person! But I do know and believe that people can have a choice over s/his body if the choice is not violets other people right, and that can be a chance of improving s/his meanest existent, why not! As I agree in the Peter Singer’s article a choice of this Filipino.
…it showed a slum dweller in Manila who sold his kidney so that he could buy a motorized tricycle taxi to provide income for his family. After the operation, the donor was shown driving around in his shiny new taxi, beaming happily.

This article also interesting!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

What A Savages Beast!!!

It is raining outside, thunder thunder lighting I infatuated lighting, he has a magical enthralling snobbery and showmanship as always he is my best friend, ever since I went Kakadu. O he lives at Kakadu in his magnificent place in the earth! O why have I not think of him and his Kakadu for a longtime? He might angry as I forget him for while. That is why he comes in here to see me tonight! I should go there, see him his glittering earth show. Uukangkang… Kungkang kkang… Dark glittering eyes of the snake thundering whole world as he came to me that night. Thunder bolts tones of tones in his shoulder carries love from afar. I do for you everything he says. What a night! I love you lighting! Pulling rain on this earth face, washes all the dirt and sorrows in her face! Wails all night until dawn while I sleep! What A Savages Beast!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

No More a Breeding Like a Sheep!

Wow a nice less breeding figures!
…You may have moved to a town, or your village may have grown. Schools, markets and factories are within reach. And suddenly, the incentives change. A tractor can gather the harvest better than children. Your wife may get a factory job—and now her lost wages must be set against the benefits of another baby. Education, thrift and a stake in the future become more important, and these middle-class virtues go hand in hand with smaller families. Education costs money, so you may not be able to afford a large family. Perhaps the state provides a pension and you no longer need children to look after you. And perhaps your wife is no longer willing to bear endless offspring. Higher living standards, better communications and more education enable you to rely on markets and public services, not just yourself and your family.

All nice adjustment accordingly, that is why we human endearing loveable species aren’t’ we? All evolution taken place. You know think about it, why are you having children? Why? because your mother and grandmother did? Or do you have grave responsibility of continuity for mankind? Well most of woman thinks “breeding” is their given sacred right so they have to breed as part of their bargain in this earth. You could have adopt a children from other part of world as if your own instead, or you could service better for humanity if you have more time instead breeding, but then that is your individual choice. You have a strong maternal instinct breed alike a sheep, provide them and educated them then, herding them and when you are getting old, you will expect them visiting your old forks home once a year. Or selfish, self centered, you can enjoy things, selfish yourself do things you could not have if you had children, you have much choice in your life, and investing up all the money might gone to children education etc..Why are you suffering for? And money can buy things; You can buy better g-string and underwear, ice-cream too, can make love all morning too without disrobed, and better health, also you can buy helpers etc… or your wealth can attract much much younger person, so that s/he can looking after you instead of you go old fork home! End of the day you can have a choice of euthanasia too! Your life less constraint as you can control over much more than you have children. Am I selfish? Yes I am indeed, so what! Heehe al al al great feel healthy again!!! Anyway lastly, people who promotion of inconsequence of breeding they think again their glittering empty hypocrisy! And Remember, we all go someday whether you have 5 children or no children! remember that!

Good girl!

As you may know I was sick yesterday and today also. Mental picture me where I am at from one to ten of healing process? About four and five somewhere there! This morning I wake up, found my voice completely stuffed. “Good morning cherub! How is your cold?” Alan asked me; Ahuhuuu ahuu…. well your cherub is my foot she is dying now! Are you going to marry again eighteen years old teeny pogo if I die tomorrow? I flogged my dry tongue uhuu uuhuu… and he said “ of course not my cherub how could I do that of course not! Categorically not! His voice was risqué impiously roughish. I grumbled grumbled… “Just in case I let you know where my ash should to go!” I said to him feeble voice somewhere around in the morning air. “Yes, yes I make sure that happen, the red desert where is stars, silence sunset sky, very romantic very poetic place, I take my red wine with me after ritual I need a share with your ghost! Anyway my dear I am going to a lunch I hope you are getting better, sorry I am not there hold your delicate hands! He said cheerfuly. But after shower took few things feel better. I told myself “take it easy girl for a day!”

So I excuse myself take it easy make it easy… that was Ok until around mid evening. And my body start thwacks on me and saying “I want to exercise, I want to stretches, I am getting cranking if you are not take me out to run, O that would be nice to little run, make me feel good, cranky cranky if you not doing what I say you will be sorry tonight I won’t let you sleep, you get it!!! My body yelled at me loud and clear. So I told my body “hey you I am taking it easy alright! Listen you candlestick I make you a yardstick if you are not too careful! For a day off Ok! Good for you! I told her. And she replied, saying “how about hypnotised me, you haven’t done that to me sometimes, that make me fast track, take me somewhere a clearest mountain lake where cloud is the consecrated sleeves! I want to go there!” so I said Nop nay nay you are very seductive tonight humb, I am relaxing ssingg…! ALL OF SUDDEN, MY BODY YELLED AT ME, HEY YOU I AM SAYING TO YOU NOW! YOU GET UP GO OUT RUN I NEED TO RUN! I AM REALLY GETTING CRANKY CRANKY ARE YOU GET IT NOWWWWWWWW!!!!!! So I spring out from the bed and put on spandex and music on my ears and ran out door in flash, saying Ok ok okkkkk I am going okk…. I am going now to run ok be quite you! you demand demand… running around river side, stretches my limbs and enormous lungful air, nice cool breeze whistles my cheeks where many lovers fold their love together at benches and my body was a dominance of joy, the solemn ritual of healing! Good girl!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Am So Sick Today!

Very unusual for me sick, I sick only once in a blue moon! a little cold, it start few days back my dedicated body gave me a bit of warning signals and saying: little slow down girl, don’t push too hard yourself, but I ignored affectionate whispering and I told my body; hey you body I am your registry owner! You are not telling me what to do but I am telling you what to do! I am your commander! So be quite and follow me you will be alright! gggeelg giglee,… well I though as I know my body so well and she obeys my order and get me back to track again shining as sunbeam in the tree. But last night she told me that: I have had enough of you, you pigheaded composition; you push me so hard I am not listing to you anymore! I am not your slave I am your equal! GOT IT! my body shouting at me and not let sleep all night last night, so I took two aspirin and laid in bed, crushing around world my laptop, my body was nagging at me, saying: I am not interesting what your are crushing, all that imperturbably boring boring…. ! And my body sweating. I surrender to my body, she was saying that go to see where should I go have some real Korean food which make me well again! So I went over some of Korean food sites and find lots of Korean food, but I am not sure that are real Korean food. Been thinking I am not really gourmet but I like to have the food which I had when I was a little. My favorite food are pacific cod and, oyster and garlic chives pancake, I also misses this vegetables yam yam, I would like to have this sweet rice cake too,
and this grilled seafood as well. I think that makes me really well again. So I told Alan about my sickness and bed ridding and longing for food, then he was sending me few websites and as well as pages of copy from his cook books and his favorites restaurant receipts around traps which are not Korean food but global hybrid concoction. And he keep telling me that” really easy really easy to cook!” One of chicken receipts he thinks it makes me well because I like chicken, but there is more then 10 receipts I have to have but some of them I never heard about them and, all but complex to a sick person to cook a such meal! He is a really finest cook! he knows the art of cooking. So he is the Chef de Cuisine I am a sous-chef de cuisine, sometimes he demotes me as no-sous-chef if I am not follow his instruction in the kitchen! Basically my task is cleaning after his mess! BUT at this moment my body tells me urgently; Nonsense girl you have to have real Korean food for healing me not the fusion gourmet’s food! But your humble grandmamma food! O man where should I go to find my grandmamma food?

Update: After late afternoon, I told him that my dying wish I must have my real humble grandmamma food before I die, where should I go? He said “well digging some more online for fulfilling your last supper or going to a Korean restaurant and have what they have!” what a crudest condiment my sickness! Well I will be better by tomorrow! I make a cup of soup and drink away and sweating away; telling my body “you will be right by tomorrow Ok you must!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don’t’ say It is Impossible Ok!

Make Hungry to not hungry OK! Make abnormal to normal! It is going to be romance with impossibilities! There no such thing as impossible in our mind! Our life are unfinished symphonic masterpieces! Our next generation, they will try our unfinised things but never completed the symphony so the next generation will try another way so on… continuity! It is an inevitable process. Brilliantly happy hybrid; buffalo+cow=bufcow, goat+sheep=gosheep, sky+earth=skerth, animal+human= animan(goat head and human body!) make the impossible to possible right! This going to happen eventually! So we don’t need breed at all. Someday we can buy our breeding machine from any store and we planted our own seed, and we all there watching our clones grow at the nice sheltered area like bean sprouts! Just regularly feed watery nutrition, and harvesting nine months or less! You can imagine cloning all the Nobel laureates! Then what happens hee hee you can imagine what is going to be in this world. All these brains talking, talking busybodies, become evil geniuses, make all people zombies and mastermind the zombies colonies, tells all zombies what to do!Ready for condoms! Make love! Stop making love! Pause and playing! All imbalance and balance in that way nature will nicely sorting it out again, adjusting accordingly! But then I believed we all have our position and roles to play in this earth. Anyway looking at this cherubim ideas how to save this mankind starvation. A great sound amplitudes of the Food Biotechnology, I agree anything commanding solution for the starvation. We should not or can not afford to playing ideology political game this grave “hungry” thing. You can imagine, put yourself in that situation where you can not have food for days hum!, what would you do? That is question we should ask.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Teacher Mr Dan Mabbutt

I learnt most of my web design, data management or anything regarding web whatever skills through online free courses, like this Hewett-Packard Learning Center free classes. As I have deep gratuities for many teachers there. I owed their unbelievable generosity and gracious for teaching which enable to me learn many many new things. Also many people out there incredible generously offered me their help whenever I have questions, amazing how many so many nice and kind people out there! Their grace makes me so humble and keep me on the ground. Here is one of my teacher, Mr Dan Mabbutt who taught me at the HP learning center, still send me his weekly teaching without fail. If you are interesting learning Visual Basic or other web skills just enrolled at the Hewett-Packard Learning Center or follow the Dan’s the To be warned, he has great senses of humor, very very funny teacher!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Where Should I Go Have Some Real Korean Food?

Fry flying rice, didn’t I go to a cooking class for fry rice! But when I come home and tried it nothing like that, cucumbers and carrots were not crunch but soggy, as well as the rice hee hee! Wonder what was wrong with me about cooking food! I tell you what why I failed to learn to cook Korean food. Start with of course I don’t like cooking. When I was a child cooking was beyond of my imagination and kitchen was a dangerous place for a child, which was forbidden to enter! But that doesn’t make me to learn basic cooking skill for my survival! No I don’t have that basic skill of preparing Korean food. The thing is I think Korean food need more than basic skill as so complicated; looking at this making Kimchi, it is difference than what I saw at my house. They didn’t chopped whole cabbage into pieces but four pieces in my memory, probably difference way of making kimchi. Instant kimchi and long-term kimchi different. All these ingredient and vegetable make them as synthesize into a blender and chided chiseled all mixed, these vegetable difference way chopping chopping which I didn’t know.

In old day in Korea, cooking was part of women’s in-house education; you have to learn from step step by your mother or grandmother, which is unique for each household. So if a woman who possess a such good cooking skill is cherished assets for the family. For an example, how to make special, soybean pastes, that secretes skills are part of their duty to inherit to a next generation to generation so on. When I was a little I saw my grandmamma yearly ritual was preparing all these basic food savories; chill paste, soybean paste and sauce and fermented seafood and fermented vegetables with like a grand field marshal. She was an incontestable field marshal! The process in my memory like this; you must choose the best quality of beans and certain way of cooking; about right way, not so much or not so less, the just about right, - not like my rice cooking- sometimes so much water bit of like a bird’s pot in a rainy day or so not enough water so dry that fury rice in my tongue. After long period prepared ingredients, several huge black pots are burning all around house with pine logs cracked smell at chimneys tops wind blow lips, plop plop..., sack of bean are washed and drained and put them into pots and keep firing pine logs for a day. The scales so huge very dangerous so I was forbidded to around these area, a little electric or gas cooking pots are useless these cooking. And stone beat them( few men helped to do this) and made cake (soybean malt) kind of thing and put them into a dark stuffy fermenting room covered with coarsely wrought garments and until the fermenting, when a strong smell around house then we know the soybean malts are fermenting, melts are breeding for beneficial bacteria, that was why the stinky smell from the soy melts, right and my grandmamma went to the room turned them around and you could see the beneficial multi colored fungus on them which is basically rotten for breeding edible fungi you know! and then hanging them out a cool storage house shade like asymmetrical key boards dangle dangle all seasons, and resting there for sometimes( I don’t know how long) in state of unfathomable silence, and then put them into a huge black or dark brown (very dangerously huge! see the above picture) ceramic jars – like in a warm sunny day, drying crops in a field, lazy flowery seed sun baking, the sky so blue comes with distant tides at seashore autumn! Don’t run my child, hungry? Change and wash your hands and come to the bench I will give you something! She would say when I ran breathlessly into the house after school. I think autumn days, along with permanent helpers and also lots of village ladies come to help or see the process. I think she made a kind of a ritual that day, always special food prepared for the day. After that I don’t know how to become a soy sauce or soybean paste which beyond my imagination. I think the process take the whole year! Then become tasty savory in our food, yarm yarm all credited her grand scheme of household management. The utter dominant in her position, that made her so the indispensible tenor of clan, the demeanor of the village, repository of the complacency and superiority all that which made her bit of maverick in her day.

Although she could buy them from shops which much easy and costless, but she knew all of these uniquely hers which cannot buy from shops only for hers which belong to her clan. I might someday go through her belongs that she might be written her secrete somewhere in a scripted note book, She knew that her generation was the last generation of true authentic Korean food which she took with her graces as well. She could give me bit of her grace though! I wonder today she would teach me her precious secretes.

Anyway Korean village life – where a lots people gathered house like ours, kitchens are not children friendly place. As also I brought up and was told that “you will not have to learn all of these cooking your own food, your generation will be different than mine!” that is right take away hee hehehe she was right I don’t cook my own food because I don’t how to cook except basics hybrid; take away, tin foods made my heavenly banquet! I forget set up a dinner table at the dinner!

China Blue

Chinese always fearful to its neighboring counties. After all the Art of War written by Chinese scholar which familiar to modern time. Centuries China dominated some of their neighbors. So inevitably its influence all most every aspect of these countries; culture and political systems, etc… Today, the world watches the Chinese growth bit of fearful and bit of greediness. After all it is like an ugly wife you have to marry because of the hefty dowry and her formable family background. That is Ok you get the money she could get handsome husband, but the problems begins when the ugly-hefty -dowry wife become possessive and unseemly demand you -
like this kind of thing happens - and not let you keep beautiful mistress you are in doomed? How could you sleep that ugly face wife all your life! So you are stuck. As your folly starts, you become a fuel fended desired-not husband and hoping she releases you from her forsaken love. But as you see you she won’t let you go because you are very appealing attractive even if you are bit ailing but you have a huge potential so no sign of she let you go. Whether you like it or not you are stuck so you have to make peace with yourself. But don’t be afraid of her nasty overpowering presence in your mind, as there is always weakness, may be you are really evil genius you could make her a zombie remember that that is the another hope or make her own cage and her own undoing - the marrage made in a heaven!

Here is the wizs’ belly-punching suggestions are:

Krugman says in his NY Time article
Until around 2001, you could argue that it was: China’s overall trade position wasn’t too far out of balance. From then onward, however, the policy of keeping the yuan-dollar rate fixed came to look increasingly bizarre. First of all, the dollar slid in value, especially against the euro, so that by keeping the yuan/dollar rate fixed, Chinese officials were, in effect, devaluing their currency against everyone else’s. Meanwhile, productivity in China’s export industries soared; combined with the de facto devaluation, this made Chinese goods extremely cheap on world markets.

The result was a huge Chinese trade surplus. If supply and demand had been allowed to prevail, the value of China’s currency would have risen sharply. But Chinese authorities didn’t let it rise. They kept it down by selling vast quantities of the currency, acquiring in return an enormous hoard of foreign assets, mostly in dollars, currently worth about $2.1 trillion.
In fact, some countries, most notably Switzerland, have been trying to support their economies by selling their own currencies on the foreign exchange market. The United States, mainly for diplomatic reasons, can’t do this; but if the Chinese decide to do it on our behalf, we should send them a thank-you note.
Also his blog mentioned this problems

The Economist also says,
China, far more than an economically challenged America, is roiled by social tensions. Protests are on the rise, corruption is rampant, crime is surging. The leadership is fearful of its own citizens. Mr Obama is dealing with a China that is at risk of overestimating its strength relative to America’s. Its frailties—social, political and economic—could eventually imperil both its own stability and its dealings with the outside world.

the Rogoff Article (via Mankiw) says
Any real change in the near term must come from China, which increasingly has the most to lose from a dollar debacle. So far, China has looked to external markets so that exporters can achieve the economies of scale needed to improve quality and move up the value chain. But there is no reason in principle that Chinese planners cannot follow the same model in reorienting the economy to a more domestic-demand-led growth strategy.

Yes, China needs to strengthen its social safety net and to deepen domestic capital markets before consumption can take off. But, with consumption accounting for 35% of national income (compared to 70% in the US!), there is vast room to grow.

Chinese leaders clearly realize that their hoard of T-Bills is a problem. Otherwise, they would not be calling so publicly for the International Monetary Fund to advance an alternative to the dollar as a global currency.

They are right to worry. A dollar crisis is not around the corner, but it is certainly a huge risk over the next five to 10 years. China does not want to be left holding a $4 trillion bag when it happens. It is up to China to take the lead on the post-Pittsburgh agenda.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Make the Forbidden for Un-Forbidden Affair

As long as you are not caught while you are your pant down is OK. If you are caught while you are pant down you are betrayer aasshole if not you are not you are a hero Don Juan. In the cooperate world you can’t have or impossible everything keep secrete forever. All of sudden someone made a huge buck and keenly lovingly looking into the person’s spidery webs which connection s/he made. Through that jarring tentative gaze, they soon to be find out your liturgy of forbidden fruit. Jealously and envy is the focal of human nature. Inside cooperate informers always wanted reward for their fortune-telling-information. Why shouldn’t’ they? After all the greediness made them to become an informers. So they would say if I give you this new information no one knows, which makes you $10 million you should give me half of that Ok cool, it is a compelling nice deal. The problems is that that “ bit early information” made it illegal which make the people cooperate whores. We should not “do nothing” think that the market is efficient and correctly itself. No we should all become harlots to participate the “bit early private information” to get the first place. After read this, if you are caught by while you are pant down don’t blames me Ok – as this advise is only for these devil incarnations, wicked by nature do the right things for the fearlessly forbidden efficiency market hypothesis. More read Here is the Galleon Love Affair with Forbidden Fruits And Chocked , and here is make the Forbidden Affair for UnForbidden Affair via Mankiw.

I Am Just Talking Alright!

What time is it?
I asked myself as a lone sound wake me up. I was wake up by the music or I wake up.
Chopin was which I have not listened for while that pieces and it was reveling away my half tuned dawn. What a beauty loneness life in that unbearably sorrowful teasing and whispering. O I come from long away afar for you! It says, I am not in this world and I am another world. As we all come from there and we all go there. The place where all things exist yet all thing negated. We can have it all and yet we will not possessed anything as we don’t need to do so. It whispers story of our life, weathered offensives sorrowful foreplays, there is seasons and no seasons so no renew and no decay. Lovers betrayers meaninglessness. The greatness and insignificant life that offer, heart rending superfluous mouthpiece, collection of a soft lover’s breathings, lone voice from the distant which we can not grasp, but only exists field of our mind, the beyond our understanding of the understanding. The testimonial life that has no pettiness no jealously but the superiority of the aloofness that our deepest longing for the consummation. It tells us how much we are after all sinful petty and raged with picked jealousies and ugly. People greediness are hording over their utter undesirability. Our afflation of hypocrisies that are not much difference than other animals. So many gruesome brutalities within us that when we are confronting our limitation and ugliness through this kind of indescribable lonesomeness that is so heartbrokenly seductive. Anyway in this dawn, it come to my pillows exploration of my sleep. You know, I went over me thinking that when something has so unbearable beauty that has also unbearable morbidity too, pure and profane kind. I think beauty is gruesomely bastardy too, like the addictions of opium. It tells me something great things happens to me, what is it? I asked. And all of sudden the dark bird at half dawn tree outside my bed room and lonely loud brassy consonance voice over and saying very authoritatively; I am here I am here little girl I am still here always! The host of voice from awareness… I am just talking alright! I am writing this in my bed… I might going to see what is the mischievous summer is doing!

Friday, October 23, 2009

How To Become A Savvy Investor!!

The blow is Mankiw’s principle of investment;

“I am a long-term buy-and-hold investor, as I don’t think I am smart enough to time the market,” says the professor of the largest economics course at Harvard and author of “Principles of Economics.”

Mankiw has gained national prominence through his popular textbooks and as one of President George W. Bush’s chief economic advisers.

But outsmarting the markets, Mankiw says, requires huge quantities of time poring over listings—time that he says he prefers to devote to academic pursuits.

Mankiw’s simple investment portfolio consists of about two-thirds stocks and one-third bonds, balancing what he considers the high risk of equities with more dependable fixed income.

Even when his portfolio took a hit during the crisis, he maintained the ratio by investing more cash into stocks in order to compensate for what he had lost in the market decline. This “rebalancing” is Mankiw’s main active portfolio strategy. Otherwise, he says, he is relatively passive.

He believes in the higher risk and returns of equities, but his stock investments are widely diversified, including international holdings, and are mostly in low-cost index funds.

Mankiw practices what he preaches in his textbook. “I don’t think anyone should put all their money in a company they work for, or in the country they happen to live in,” he says. He is invested not only in the U.S. but also in Europe, Asia, and emerging markets.

My investment strategy is very similar to Mankiw’s investment principal. Which is passive and mirrored to the composition of market index, buy-and-hold investor. Yes I dare say he is “smart and savvy” enough figured out the professional fund managers their professionally well broadcasted gains are no more than cover the expense of manning portfolios. The evidence says yes, the active approaches provide better return. But most of the brokerage houses their performance figures are not including the transaction costs and any costs associated with employing countless(hundreds of ) analyses.

For example, in an American study, Ipploite examined the return of 140 mutual funds over period of early 1960s to mid 1980s found that their performance was not statistically difference from the purely passive strategy. Moreover actually active portfolio management is more risky. This evidence also supported by an Australian superannuation advisors. The reason is that the active strategy involves ; brokerage costs, salary as well as on-costs. Also even if a firm has better return by some special market information but there are numbers of firm competing each others so they can easily find out the information.

Any way, I analyzed and tested few times about my personality of investment strategies. The test says, I am a growth investor, semi-aggressive style, which is 20% /80% bond and stock is my favorite. Domestic, oversea and emerging market, but it can be changed. I changed my mind of investing real estates because I found out that there is also transaction costs I have to consider and take long time to growth, it simply can not matched with the stock. I like to analysis risk. Once I was asked what was my strong point, my answer was CAPM, and risk analyses, hee hee… because you see I like it because it is simplest and powerful thing I think, I understand why people saying that CAPM is the beautiful thing! But I know it has ugliness too. Recently I have learnt so many new things interglacial numbers work. I have a very powerful calculator-slave so much exercise my fingers were sore geeee and also I am in love excel and RGui, especially I love manipulate chart wizard!!! Magical things happen in numbers. Something interest me I run fast!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To Be Begotten Or Not To Be Begotten

Wow sky rocketing population grow! Condoms (via Krugman's blog read the Andy’s post.)are one of the hottest, the most resilient strong and long lasting solutions! Read this Honor of Mankind Suffrage! What do you say? How to be pregnanted or how to not to be impregnated is the question? Well think about it, it is a robust mankind of issue. This is not only civilization extinction but mankind apocalypse. Unless we have some kind of miracles of revolution for controlling the world population, year 2050 beyond mess starvation and diseases world widely. I can see a dead red desert with empty streets and buildings, a radian visage of science fictions comes to reality. You don’t need statitics analyses for finding the possibilities of the apocalypse; it is all true all the fact available. Very simple fact is, not enough food to share the 9 billon mouths so some have to starve simple as that. So who can have food or who can not have food. That is the issue - the dignity of being a human. I am amazing to see that not many women even think about this issue, when come to terms of having children. I have seen so many women, very well educated just breeding children like a sheep because of religion or whatever reasons. They don’t think of world population but whatever reason. Comes to the natural instincts they don’t need to saucy world view or silly constraints of mankind issues. Rather their life fulfillments are in this world, obligations of being ---service of their spring wind, breeding in a summer and bears fruits in an autumn and die in their winter. But they don’t know top of the seasons there is no seasons. We can be always our summer or a winter or a spring and our autumn whatever we like to be, --- are having children and all costs bring them up, renew generations after generation, so that their seasons never die out. But they forget that their breeding is also precise danger of extinctions of their own kind too. So bit slow down. That is the statitics says your allowance of having children used to have 2 or 3 and now should be 1 or nothing. Some religion also promoted not to use condom is plagued by demons in their brains extortion of their epileptic ritual hiccups and justified their own undoing. Hello sisters, if your life is empty not having children, self-subdued self-filled or self-drop-dead with your emptiness with master of misconstruction of your sacred vile, so that your obligation in this world can be fulfilled!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Beauty of Lunch Boxes is Bugs’ Gastronomy

See the below picture, would you like to eat this food? Nop! No! How disgusting it looks, you can imagine how many times it touched by human (clean unclean hands?) gosh! Dearly sorry if I take away your appetites! I know I am bit of fanatic about gem. So less touches the food with human hands better, that is my perception of food. Yes sometimes you could less imaginable so better you equitable to afflict with gems. For this reason I like Teppanyaki as I could see how the food prepared and the food actually is not touched by chef’s hands. Well anyway, yes your food, your oratorical brain tells you that you can less imaginable how that food prepared. Lunch box aesthetics is sucker of bugs food. A gutbucket of your self-delusion of gastronomy of stormy guts. Even if you prepared the lunch box with sterilized hands with a gem free certification with your chef’s hat on I don’t eat that heee…. People with exceeding their beauty is irreconcilable gruesome bugs in their food. You are having full of bugs your lunch! Have a nice lunch Yarkk!! Crunch crunch yummy bugs O man!

When I was a child, our house breakfast some kind of a huge affair, depend seasons but always lots of people who work with us. Always lots of people involved with so preparing food also huge scales and very busy kitchens, always boiling something these huge black pots. So preparing my lunch box within a second. In my lunch box was always almost like this Kimbap. And with slice of sweet cakes, fish cakes. Amazing how fast they made the lunch box; opened a bamboo grill, opened a seaweed top of it, spread with rice; sesame oiled, put those any vegetables available at the time and rolled into with bamboo grills and a magical knife chop, chop, and neatly put them into my lunch box with enveloped an embroidered cover and placed it always same spot-- the end of the hall way-- to me pick it up. So my Yellow (my dog’s name) always be there wiggled his tails and waited for me to see me off to the school. If no lunch box Yellow knew it, it was weekend or holidays, he was very smart dog you know! On my way school if I gave part of my lunch to birds he was barking ferociously saying; “O I tell grandmamm!” a like that. It was tasty lunch boxes though it was bit heavy.

So I agree with Denis Dutton’s comment, a lunch box should not be a like a oration of beauty and bugs swaggering gospels!

INadditon: skeleton of Japanese Aesthetics is based on Wabi-sabi.
...if an object or expression can bring about, within us, a sense of serene melencholy and a spiritual longing,...

And also Japanese-aesthetics.Ok you can applied everywhere anyway you can fine beauty, after all the imperfect makes us so human, Ok but in my view bugs feasted launch boxes as aesthesis is bit too much. I think we are using word without knowing of the meaning. Because of fashionable that is why; e.g. aesthetics of breasts augmentation…etc… We don’t spiritual longing for big breasts or bugs lunch box.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Killer Fruit and I Sleeping Together

Have I had another dream during my sleep? Can you believe? I was busy sleeping and dreaming same time. This time I was sleeping with someone, who was the lucky devil was? May be Alan was but I can not remember who was, but very familiar so he was Alan then heehee... otherwise I am in trouble…so I was sleeping with the lucky devil Alan then! We were hanging upside down at a tree. The affectionate lustrous tree bear us as a hidden meaning of life. Yes it was a nectarine tree I am sure of it, contented gracious nectarines fruits we were, delicious tasty nectarine we were, you get it now? Gravity side, our feet hanging at the branches in warm sunny day, proud joyful fruits made from heaven? Lazily hanging down and world goes by… Not seasonal but budding fruits made from heaven. We were in a white cotton sheeted bed but hanging at a tree. You can make it sense it if you can squeeze imagination from your irrefragable brain. I groined because I was bitten by an insect, same time I was thinking that I was bitten by insect number of times prior (I have hyper sensitive type of skin- allergic all sort of kind of thing also I am slightly of gem afraid of kind of, though not much!). So bitten by an insect is a road of my horror imagination, filled with; monsters, cartoon network, spider traps all kind of stuff, see my flesh is eaten by red ants in a red desert, become a red sand shrouded white skeleton, mating with pink moon and yellow stars in a night after night! That would be nice very nice privilege! Anyway go back to the dream, I found the insect which was a round button shape with; shining dark-light grayish blue. Same time I was petrified the fact that I was bitten an insect and I gave it to my nectarine-lover, he then squished it in his index finger put it death by his sheer force and was saying that “ don’t worry I put it to death my bare hand!” Then he was a killer fruit!