Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Am So Sick Today!

Very unusual for me sick, I sick only once in a blue moon! a little cold, it start few days back my dedicated body gave me a bit of warning signals and saying: little slow down girl, don’t push too hard yourself, but I ignored affectionate whispering and I told my body; hey you body I am your registry owner! You are not telling me what to do but I am telling you what to do! I am your commander! So be quite and follow me you will be alright! gggeelg giglee,… well I though as I know my body so well and she obeys my order and get me back to track again shining as sunbeam in the tree. But last night she told me that: I have had enough of you, you pigheaded composition; you push me so hard I am not listing to you anymore! I am not your slave I am your equal! GOT IT! my body shouting at me and not let sleep all night last night, so I took two aspirin and laid in bed, crushing around world my laptop, my body was nagging at me, saying: I am not interesting what your are crushing, all that imperturbably boring boring…. ! And my body sweating. I surrender to my body, she was saying that go to see where should I go have some real Korean food which make me well again! So I went over some of Korean food sites and find lots of Korean food, but I am not sure that are real Korean food. Been thinking I am not really gourmet but I like to have the food which I had when I was a little. My favorite food are pacific cod and, oyster and garlic chives pancake, I also misses this vegetables yam yam, I would like to have this sweet rice cake too,
and this grilled seafood as well. I think that makes me really well again. So I told Alan about my sickness and bed ridding and longing for food, then he was sending me few websites and as well as pages of copy from his cook books and his favorites restaurant receipts around traps which are not Korean food but global hybrid concoction. And he keep telling me that” really easy really easy to cook!” One of chicken receipts he thinks it makes me well because I like chicken, but there is more then 10 receipts I have to have but some of them I never heard about them and, all but complex to a sick person to cook a such meal! He is a really finest cook! he knows the art of cooking. So he is the Chef de Cuisine I am a sous-chef de cuisine, sometimes he demotes me as no-sous-chef if I am not follow his instruction in the kitchen! Basically my task is cleaning after his mess! BUT at this moment my body tells me urgently; Nonsense girl you have to have real Korean food for healing me not the fusion gourmet’s food! But your humble grandmamma food! O man where should I go to find my grandmamma food?

Update: After late afternoon, I told him that my dying wish I must have my real humble grandmamma food before I die, where should I go? He said “well digging some more online for fulfilling your last supper or going to a Korean restaurant and have what they have!” what a crudest condiment my sickness! Well I will be better by tomorrow! I make a cup of soup and drink away and sweating away; telling my body “you will be right by tomorrow Ok you must!