Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To Be Begotten Or Not To Be Begotten

Wow sky rocketing population grow! Condoms (via Krugman's blog read the Andy’s post.)are one of the hottest, the most resilient strong and long lasting solutions! Read this Honor of Mankind Suffrage! What do you say? How to be pregnanted or how to not to be impregnated is the question? Well think about it, it is a robust mankind of issue. This is not only civilization extinction but mankind apocalypse. Unless we have some kind of miracles of revolution for controlling the world population, year 2050 beyond mess starvation and diseases world widely. I can see a dead red desert with empty streets and buildings, a radian visage of science fictions comes to reality. You don’t need statitics analyses for finding the possibilities of the apocalypse; it is all true all the fact available. Very simple fact is, not enough food to share the 9 billon mouths so some have to starve simple as that. So who can have food or who can not have food. That is the issue - the dignity of being a human. I am amazing to see that not many women even think about this issue, when come to terms of having children. I have seen so many women, very well educated just breeding children like a sheep because of religion or whatever reasons. They don’t think of world population but whatever reason. Comes to the natural instincts they don’t need to saucy world view or silly constraints of mankind issues. Rather their life fulfillments are in this world, obligations of being ---service of their spring wind, breeding in a summer and bears fruits in an autumn and die in their winter. But they don’t know top of the seasons there is no seasons. We can be always our summer or a winter or a spring and our autumn whatever we like to be, --- are having children and all costs bring them up, renew generations after generation, so that their seasons never die out. But they forget that their breeding is also precise danger of extinctions of their own kind too. So bit slow down. That is the statitics says your allowance of having children used to have 2 or 3 and now should be 1 or nothing. Some religion also promoted not to use condom is plagued by demons in their brains extortion of their epileptic ritual hiccups and justified their own undoing. Hello sisters, if your life is empty not having children, self-subdued self-filled or self-drop-dead with your emptiness with master of misconstruction of your sacred vile, so that your obligation in this world can be fulfilled!