Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don’t be Fooled!

Read read and make yourself become ugly bulgy economists, autonomous depend no but only yourself internal accord so ugly become a beauty! Wear it proudly gaudily put on your forehead token of achievement! Gosh what vermin venin, why people are showing off their ugliness in a guileful glassiness. Here is Paul Krugman’s Import-substituting industrialization make your own. You know all imperialism. Manipulation general population of a countries few dictators and ruins, ransack people’s sovereignty. So they become poor all the time. So if you want become a rich the democracy is calling the shot! E.g Uncle Sam’s MacDonald, Cola-cola, Hollywood, Google and Prof Krugman’s brain-washing blog, which attract-probably- for millions people around world is the very best way colonization of world. The Uncle Sam’s way kind of rip-off people’s brain-drain. You can see everyone flee to NYT, bloodsucking his blog. Saying eating the Nobel brain - gable gable yam yam-every morning so people are thinking that his Nobel is belong to them, they all think they are in sitting at Uncle Sam knees - that is part of devious riff-off seduction strategy, be aware he might make you high and dry! Don’t be fooled! Anyway here is what I am saying is that, you know people never have any clues that they had been rip-off their souls by the devil Uncles Sam’s charming capitalist mask. When you have a certain level of credibility like Uncle Sam; has credibility proven his track record under his clews ( although last few years bit dinted his ego but still) and his seduction is much easier that is how I see. Another hand the poor mates of his, ever struggling each other, so endless war against the bully Uncles Sam! Do you think any other bully comes up and challenge the bully? Wow that would the WWIII! I want to go my own star make my own so I will never see the ransacking WWIII! You can now ask yourself Prof Krugman’s ultra agenda for his Class Note for the blog!! Make you addictive his blog like my addiction for Disney cartoon!

Here is the strategy; not seduced by cunning bullies, build your own internal strong ground, believe system; it takes time but not possible… allied with common good instead of your own greediness! The end justified mean!