Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Circle has to be broken

The world speak one voice!

 Action Action you hotshots! Do not try to find your piece of peace from your "no faith doomed assad" but find yourself Action Please!!!

Put the criminal assad death is the only way this useless endless unyielding circle Syrian people suffering, so from now on, the world looking for finishing up the criminal, 1) no more dealing with the criminal  2) no more dealing with the criminal) no more dealing with the criminal!  I mean the world the democracy whole world has this immense firepower  to end this atrocity!  

This from twitter: Assad has run out of money,Syrians run outof fear,the World out of humanity,UN out of credibility and the US out of options Ha ha... O yes Syrian  run out fear, only with determination bravery passion yearning for freedom and  want to kill  the criminal Assad.

Assad has run out of money; no money no honey, when you buy love with money this happen, true love survives without money that is Syrian peoples’ love     Who wants to be a loser’s friend? ...humb no one... how about you Russia... Iran...? no...? Then who wants to be victor Syrian peoples friends?  O yes Me O yes you too  and you the whole world!!!