Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Finding Young Sun

Hey Young Sun
Do you find yourself?
Well yes or no
I thought I find true of the truth but then
I ask myself true and false question my findings
You see I find myself full of vileness full of vengeance full of nastiness all full of ugliness O I was a hellish beasts with nine heads I hate myself… true or false? =Truth
And I find myself also full of goodness full of graces full of virtue full of beauty I was a purest maiden I was smitten myself full of my merits and resoluteness…. True or false? = Truth

So Truth +Truth = Truth or False?

Child and the Master

Why do you say
Do nothingness?
How that is my utmost happiness
Negations of all my burning desire
Overcome emotional hiccups
Why is that Master? Child ask him dispassionate manner
That is what I have been doing ever since, the Master says
Wow I don’t want to be the Master of nothingness