Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I was heartbroken utterly last night for our another Korean team. I went a pub again, I was alone front of a small screen one corner and other corner had a huge screen already was occupied a gang Portugal supporters. They were keep saying “North Korea North Korea” every goals they shout, their cheers rose loudly so as my feeling was snaking down deeply, rainy ground all but sad. I said to them “just one goal guys just one goal!” but they didn't so I left when score was 4-0, and had a ice-cream underway home, sat a bench moon looking down at me, so I curse at her, she didn't do anything to the game for us, and had little cry, ice-cream taste was funny! Our guy were lost bit lost spirit so early, it was mind game yourself, I don’t know still why they gave away so many goals, not that they were bad players, but lost balance because they disappointed by themselves so early. They had to free of restraint of what was held for their spirit. All but sad, but that is game anyway one has to lose so that one wins. Life is that all about that. But mind you life is not end anyway we gather things again stand up and keep going again again… I think I am not going watching soccer for time being… I don’t want my heartbroken again that is why…going to read hard scores numbers… Not soccer scores mind you!