Thursday, June 17, 2010

Disowning Red Devil Jellyfishes

Better Mood-UpDate; Write bit more of my bitterness of the red devil performance! Can you imagine I was in a pub! I would like to a feel really what is like to be whole mad crowd, a handsome Argentinean just sit behind my table and saying “Korean?” he was greeting and I said “yes! Are Argentinean?” he said “yes good luck!” But I just smiled, some how beneath, a devil said to me that “don’t say anything to him!” so I just smile at him and I saved my word! Anyway I regretted my stingy action I should have been nice to him too as he did to me! Honestly I have been thinking why so distinctively physically difference players! Argentinean was good, their magical foot work, graceful movement, art-form good natured, grotesquely grilled their affection each other, strangely loveable and touching, you see we Korean are brought up confused Confucius slab, we never display each other affection in a public sphere; restrain is virtue, you come long way to be little silly or half mad! I like the other Korean team Chollima, they might restoration of my sprit through guide by the genius loci! Still have a choice! It is nice to have lots of choice! So I can move my affection to one and another!

The red devil lost, they didn’t do well, they didn’t fight like warriors but bunch of jellyfishes tidal waggles, gingerly struggle with bunches of huge ablest of wreckages! So the red devils were waggled, weighed man-made terror horror! No where to be seen, ball there but no red devils there to greed with their sphare! Speed and gravity the counter-intuitive in your sphere, you have to conquer the sphere with speed! The red devil had no sense of direction, deadly bowlegged nothingness rupture! Any my passion soccer is a great mirage which retreat a deep mountain; surround by sharp of pertain cloud and I will fish not a jellyfishes but golden fishes! Telling myself “ Young Sun, don’t venture our as a physical rapture, it is a time for mental rapture, endurance is all about mental thing, you have to see yourself first and then see your enemies.” Surround by enemies without where you are you lose, you have to firmly bases, without base you are just a crippled, half blinded and deaf gulf open your gate for everyone come in come in! So you are homage ablest of wreckage of your own shore! You have to strong enough control that mess!