Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Secrete Receipt of Most Tasty Bread In the World!

Knock-out glorious! I don’t not buy breads, they were tasteless. My taste of food all based on my childhood food. cling on the unpretentious humble Korean countryside food, no arrogant just humble all home cooking. That is why I can not eat or drink any of instant food or drink. Simply my system is not used to these greasy fat saturated food, except ice-cream. I have also large problems with cooking my own food; I was not trained to cook even simple cooking, so my food taste is not really advanced still remain as primitive humble Korean country style home cooking, my childhood. Especially bread, my grandmamma breads, mixed with our own brewery beer! I am not making this up! See Here the evidence! If you tasted on her breads you could know what I mean. Say when you and your fried friend share the bread you don’t know even when your friend died beside of you because so tasty; soft white smell of beer, smell of brewery house in your mouth, smell of bit vinegar, mixed tangy hard to described taste, knock-out nevertless, inside red bean or nuts stuffed, sometimes just white so eat with golden honey beside pine tree log burning and read story books and cartoons. Especially cool season, a giant black pot at bathing room kitchen burning with pine lump logs burning, smell of pine logs burning away with “ccrik crickik… red hot fire warm you and you sit beside fire mouths, and reading while was waiting my buns ready. You would never guess city brewery like you – you loss- I win of course. Very nice sweet moment soon reward you tasty prize! Then finally steam huffing –puffing fluming furiously yelling from side lid, ignored their yelling for while, let them yelling, meaning good yelling for their dutiful tasks. And grandmamma or whoever duty that kitchen says; “ Child move little over!” So I move from the pot, then the lid flung was opened! Full scream of stream escaped their furry sudden force and saying “ gosh it was hot there!” then they all clearly away air, and then inside white linen clothed layer, there were buns nicely arrays lined up with their fate into my mouth. Yum yum you never know what I am saying you lose I win!! Do you think I should applied a paten for this receipt? Hummb..., But I only know how to eat?