Friday, June 11, 2010

Love Torment

Few days back, middle of night I woke up, a thing comes to my mind which made me a panic. The world cup soccer fever, the mania mania, I am not a great fan of any sport. Except my solitude activity- which I immensely enjoy--- Heinously, all of sudden a things really going to happens.
“Australian and Korean teams will end up the gory glory final WOW!!” O man! I was very excited very indeed excitement! I was a little girl again! I can see really that awesome glory happens! All of sudden, in a deep dilemma, I have to make a choice which team I am going to cheer!” I was thinking that it happens really and then thinking is not just thinking but it comes to reality that is happening. Truly I was torment by the prospect of the ultimate choice of love, old theme the choice of love, between two lovers! I have to make my mind up and make the choice and I was morbid the thinking of that happens! I said to myself “Young Sun you have to make your mind up which team you are going to cheer! I was deeply tormented by it honestly, sake of thinking, thinking over thinking, exploration continually presumptuously mulling over budding love of the two teams but I could not make my mind up after all still uhm...! Not that I am a patriot or traitor, but dread of the situation I might be in! Ensure myself if that happens I will go to the Simpson desert and wrestling over lone sunset, recite mongrel lone love or a deep mountain where ancient sages are living with clouds’ wit, a ravaged morning mist on buds sky stream, snowy love kiss to a pure orchids, I could lived with that sages’ mind forever so I don’t have to make the love choice! I am getting smarter and smarter!!!

P.S. I challenge Buruma’s prediction, I declare my two teams will be the glory of winners for sure! I also add a cheer to my fellow North Korean team doing well too! Gosh it really hard to make the endless choice!!