Friday, May 7, 2010

Imperfect goddess

You know we all know about we are in the hand of madness, nature is greeting its greediness, thieves’ sultriness their empty wallets in a rustling green lined streets, I am in here read this defy me not drop dead gourmet glories of human niftiness. You know Shakespeare-in-waiting in their grave yard this is funnies thing, skeletons can dance in their bonny bums all night until dawn, you can imagine as English or any other languages is not your mother tongue sometime you come across this drop dead gorgeous hilarious delirious desirously verbal bloom-try-hard. I once, filled a visa applicant form, races section “yellow” can you imagine, that is right, when I translated Korean to English or any other language I am a “yellow” race that is what Korean is, so I only can translated Korean to English that is the exact word. O dear my word, you are declasses of grand with a rotten childish smile, dressed with an honorable thieves’ creed, an elegance amorous traitor in a lady arms, and here comes with the goddess revenge in her imperfect aegiss.