Sunday, May 2, 2010

Proof Me Not Or Proof Not Me

While I was self-checking out a supermarket. I noticed a Chinese girl, about 15 or 16 years old just another side(by the way under age person can buy things at a supermarket without a patron?), hold her dearest weathered mobile and was absolutely full concentration on talking in her feeble tongue slaughtering at deem light. She was discussing a move with a friend. Unbelievable affliction of herself to know what was the move like in a middle of supermarket self-check out. She still feed goods in self-checking machine and talking simultaneously. Very very fast speaking with full of glees and rages with full of vigorous must-know. Cruel tempo on proof me not or proof not me everyone ears. She didn’t even notice everyone were watching her with bit of despair and amusement, just talking away happy waffled body language. If she is your sister, you could give her a huge scold with crocodile – teeth doodle smile. “ how could you so mean so selfish thankless, conformable with feeble derogatory in your clap-trap in your hell-sizzling in your tongue!” I could not help myself but was cheering her up evilly and saying to her in my breath’ “keep going keep going, don’t care about a huge queue behind you, they can wait until you finished your jostles consensual nonsense!” And all of sudden, a dandy with conscious stern faced Chinese girl with a supermarket uniform(a sourer milling face winkled well starched napkin look)- she could have been a older sister of the girl was-in-talking- about 18 years old appeared, and was circling around the girl-in-walkie-talkie like a hen in a chicken shade. She went around right side and poking her head to her and left side again and was poking head to her with very very stern sisterly nun face- few times. But still this girl-walkie-talkie, didn’t squawky in her bum from front of lunatic nerdy self-checking machine. I was watching both of them and was killing myself laughing alleging vigilance. Finally the girl-in-walkie-talkie full realizing of her found-dead-laughing-stock-self unclaimed fame and gather her famed goods and while the girl in-stern-sisterly-stern-face stood at near watching her out. And across I was watching them with wit of rails. What a fortunate night trespassing each other finest growing hilarious disposition. I hate a mobile, I was lionizing for and longing for a days where there was no mobiles! I was somehow longing for a privilege of closeness and longing for bit of primitiveness of tenderness from this morbid madness