Sunday, May 16, 2010

You Can Judge A Book By Its Face Surly!

I read somewhere, a guy was saying that he is ugly but his mind is beautiful, well I don’t think so. Well ugly mean ugly, this stingy guy presumably well known around traps, that doesn’t mean he has beautiful mind. He tries to save few buck for his cosmetic surgery. I think ugly people with ugliness are mindless. Their virulent mind tries to justify their coxcomb misery ugliness. Beautiful people with beautiful mind, faltering beguiled human offense, people hate them. How could you have an ugly face with beautiful mind? People with comfortable with their gruesome beauty they should not so worry about their thin knifed ugly bulginess. I have been thinking of cosmetic surgery, but I am afraid of seeing women’s shafted beauty, their face are thin plateful tofu, waste not want not beauty in the Chinese restaurant waste bin. Full of Botox-boozed-squished-kennel faces timeless beauty, we fined glory infinity of human farces. I supposed that is honest human endeavor too. They fried their face with dullard neon light roasted golden chicken crispy skin, and knifed with under gaveled thieves rioting hands as they come as wholesome un-favorite-misery-bar in their morning mirror. They faced on their full length mirror face to face with vampire impaired smile and asked, “mirror mirror who is the most gruesome beauty in the world? You of course!” mirror shout back at their face with venomous curses every morning. These pandering curses ruined the ugliest hob-knobs. Anyway I am just bit of misconstructions of ugly face beautiful mind analogy in here. Do not try to justify your ugly face, insult yourself hail yourself with flattery human fallacy! I hate ugly people they are deadly offensive! But remember the theme of Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!