Friday, October 1, 2010

The Songs of Economic

Genre -the Songs of Parrots

Hello friends here I am, I Want Therefore I Am
I kill therefore I am I steal therefore I am, I am back-knifing you therefore I am Greedy Supply! Greedy Demand! Greedy Supply! Greedy Demand! Therefore I Am! I am very sadden by my greedy nature but what I can I do therefore I am
The dear economic everywhere
Supply in spring and O summer I am full bloom I spend
O temperamental tearful autumn and deeply depressing winter
Demand and Supply everywhere and eternally,
Terms of understanding nature of cycle, die and reborn that is all about!
Who knows what is next around therefore I am in businesses glory of my greediness forever ever
Eternally... eternally...

--From dark cave man stone age text--
BTW I was looking for an incredible recording Kathleen Ferrier for this forever ever forever ever….
Here another logical parroting finishing line here!