Saturday, October 9, 2010

Utilitarian Blanket

One a fine day Sunbeam shins the Child and the Monk lay out the utilitarian blanket under the Autumn tree for the lesson:

Master, why the fish monger professor has so much pain for fishes? He agonise august his pain for the fishes out of water. I have never thought about fishes's feeling rather than my delightful food than anything else or lazy summer day you play at the sea and kill them for your delightful pastime. And then he hangs out with powerful people for asking for help full poor people instead of going to tell poor people stop bedding and breeding! The Child asks

Well Child that is utilialaian logic, as he feels deeply deepplllyeeeelyy…only feel for fishes and poor people but no time for them but as powerful as he is, he has no feeling for powers and riches but he has only time for them! The Monk says

O the utilitarian logic is a whore’s garter belt, it is a silky attention for two faced affection! It is not for poor people’s, only for powerful people! The Child finishes off the Master’s word!