Thursday, July 26, 2012

Immense Catastrophe of Humanity


Syrian activists have posted a video online that they claim could potentially be evidence that the Syrian government is using chemical weapons in its crackdown on dissent in residential areas.
The video shows a yellowish/orange smoke emanating during the shelling of the neighbourhood of Jourat al Haya in the city of Homs.
It came amid reports that chemical weapons have been used against opposition strongholds in other parts of the country, including Deir ez-Zour.

World need a decisive action. The World face immense catastrophe of humanity!

This is called authentic bread making, a traditional style, yummy breads tossing tossing popping  out of hot charcoal pan,  FSA not only great  fighters, beat criminals but also making tasty breads for my friends, fresh bread popping out hot open air to sky, there is a scented summer,  cyanic organza gowned heroic summer comes with benevolent songs, pillars of silvery plates  spread here  there, horizontal sky treasure endless  rich dream popping weaving,  we think of universe, Sagan’s universal, galaxy timing stars at  hot summer streets and ready to cool summer night feast,  then we play too, running across summer field,  caved sounds  of decree  of heroes  knights give us a region of fancy!  whole show that makes  these breads more tasty, you can put syrup and cool summer drink and read cartoon under olive nectarine that make you build  cobalt summer, O my friends there would be a peaceful lush summer  without sound of war without wounded days but peaceful cobalt summer engraved seashell dream!