Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The World Most Powerful Talking

The World Most Powerful Man Speaking 

"In the talks, they took up the co-ordination of efforts to accelerate the process of political transition in Syria, including Bashar al-Assad leaving the administration and the meeting of the Syrian people's legitimate demands," a statement from Erdogan's office said.
The phone call took place on Monday and Turkish media reports said Erdogan and Obama spoke for 36 minutes.

"The two leaders expressed their growing concern about the worsening human conditions in Syria because of the Syrian regime's attacks targeting its own people and the regime's savagery, most recently seen in Aleppo," it said.
Obama and Erdogan also discussed the need to work together to assist civilians trying to escape the violence in Syria.

There are about 44,000 Syrian refugees in Turkey and there are concerns that the offensive by Assad's army in the northern city of Aleppo could lead to increasing numbers.

"Prime Minister Erdogan and President Obama agreed on the co-ordination of efforts to help Syrians forced to flee to Turkey and neighboring countries," the statement said.

Finally the world most powerful man President Obama has spoken, we only hope that his wisdom see through all side of problems solving so both Syria and US will be building their beneficial relationship forever ever! If US want to do something they can do! we don’t want angles but relationship that both side beneficial! The very young fighters committed their revolution, they are not Al Qaeda, they profoundly care for their people their Syria  betterment and liberation from their suffering, in this darkest times their courage alone not enough so  we asking  President Obama his light of guidance see through end this atrocity! The courageous Syrian people will not forget Yankees’ help for sure!