Friday, July 13, 2012

The UN Charter 7

Ask Annan give up his futile plan!

Barbaric brutality criminal Assad demonstrate that he only can bring down by force, psychologically he is willing to destroy whole Syria by terror and force. He deliberately manipulated and created a sectarian conflict. His recent meeting Annan is midst defection and near UNSC meeting so it only try to serve Russian to something to argue and other UNSC( US et al knowing they don’t want military action, YET! HOPING THIS CHANGE SOON TOO)! This massacre is compelling, evidently criminal military/thugs intentional massacre after his close allies defection, so  as long as something to give Russia an impression  that he is still capable  then Russia happy to hang on to him as long as they can, as Russia suit them – able to power over or revenge to US et al -  also  using Annan plan  as alterative  tool for dividing and  preventing  UNSC united voice.  So I think Annan must pack his bag and happily retired his garden shade! 

The UN Charter 7 must in!  

God is great .. Allah is the greatest split a group of officers high-ranking Liberal Rastan Brigadier General Talal Farzat Colonel Suleiman Ahmed Farzat

The defection of a group of officers-rastan HSS high ranks

Brigadier General Talal umali
Colonel Suleiman umali
Colonel Mohammad Khair umali
By Abdel Moneim Ali ferzat
Lieutenant Khalid Hussain Helal
Sergeant Safwan umali

Large stream of military defection! 

Here you can also see the horrific massacre; 
So many sensibleness innocences young people life, why they have to meet this incredible violent ending? the intergenerational community must aware no one should not get away from this honorific crime! Assad criminal build their family dynasty from millions of  people's  suffering, surly that can not be sustainable but doom! 


Ban urges Security Council action over Syria

We can think over how!  Even if one and million chance Assad criminal success of  supersession the Syrian people  after all  Syria has been destroyed  by  and killing millions of people, would he able to be still same position and could Syrian people accept him as if nothing has happen?  So UNSC know what they have to do!

I am so sad we all know that the world community can do better than this, we are talking about human life, here one criminal, why UNSC Charter says “the world peace security…” where they can not live up to their Charter what is the point having them, what is the point having  powerful position without benevolence that is not actual power but only opportunistic exploitation helpless human life, but using it as their own power mongering which has noting to do “ the world peace and security!”