Monday, July 30, 2012

The FSA Heroic Operation


Strewn agonising pains stark bare their zealous,  criminal assad massacres have been carried out everywhere; human body part torn pieces  billow their dead fleshes sprinkles everywhere their pain how could their pain they could endured!   I am so horrified, violated human in such gruesome way, how could any human mind is ravished by total destruction of! Half torn a child’s body grassy meanness captures the sadists criminal assad’s  and his gangs,  child motionless dark charcoaled life tremulous agony, shrill their souls to sky plea to world to see! Yes the world should open their eye to see what has been going on! Lover’s bleeding flesh preaches his wounded soil, lay in a wooden basket as harvesting his bloody golden throne! O I am closing my eyes, see the horrendous trooping plea to the God in my mind that what loftiness their agony will brings, we shall not forgive the criminals who has wrong to us!

P.S.I know you are jealous my exaltation of the FSA the revolutionary come to see me I can fix you!  Wit of your sarcastic is an aegis of my inspiration! A genomics vulture-culture, be a pain in ass tyrannical straightjacket,  we have to beat this criminal won’t we? Be nice to me!