Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stinger Missile -Lethal Weapons

With US made Stinger Missiles  FSA easily shot them down!  

Bombing of the city of Aleppo MiG planes

So many civilian casualties because helicopters! Wonder why US et al they don't want to supply LETHAL weapons! In strategic view point Syria is much more important than Libya and Iraq surly!    FSA needs lethal weapons as well as technology gears.  This is a war modern warfare, fighters go with weapons and technology.  US et al spent on Iraq over trillion dollar gang-ho gang-ho still they don't get not many thanks from them!  Syrian people displacement more than 1,5 million that is hack of numbers! Lethal weapons please, stinger missiles etc… 


5000 to 6000 Political Prisoners at Homs!

criminal Assad troops are moving from country side to Aleppo 


Radical father radical questions! 

Amanpour: father  why have you kicked by criminal?
Father: well I have asked him so many question? 
Amanpour: well father what sort of questions did you asked? 
Father : well I have asked nervous questions and shot him with my powerful stringer missiles!
Amanpour: more specifically father please!
Father: well I asked him don’t kill babies don't kill children, … ask him be a human!  
Amanpour: well father you definably have sinned! You should have asked him duck’s question!
Me: Surely Syria  needs  a radical father should be there!