Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Not a Religious War

For Aleppo's Christians, there is a profound fear of the unknown. The Assad government was tolerant of religious minorities, but the rebellion draws most support from Syria's majority Sunni Muslim community.

For Aleppo's Christians, a minority of perhaps 8 percent to 10 percent of the city's population, there is a profound fear of the unknown.

For all its repression of dissent, the Assad government was tolerant of religious minorities — its ruling clique was dominated by Assad's Alawite sect, itself a minority. The rebellion draws most support from Syria's majority Sunni Muslim community.

"People don't know what will come next," said Audo, who is the Chaldean Christian bishop for all of Syria. "We are looking at what happened in Egypt, in Tunisia, in Iraq, the uncertainty.

In my view, it is very important the revolutionary the FSA Military Council Leadership should address this problem explicitly boldly the revolution is NOT about religion war, i.e. Sunni Muslim  against other monitory religions or other sects but  ALL SYRIAN PEOPLE  against the criminal totalitarian tyrannical  regime! Under democracy everyone gets bandwagon for their religion!

NICOSIA — The Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah has been sending fighters
to Syria to bolster the latest offensive by President Bashar Assad against
Sunni rebels.
 Lebanese security sources said hundreds of Iranian-trained Hizbullah
fighters crossed into Syria to help the Assad regime quell the Sunni revolt.
The sources said the fighters come from elite Hizbullah units and were
deployed in central Syria.

This become more complex conflict, how can we make it simple, among many but clearly the criminal and few of cronies should be killed.

Above link you can see so much pain, horrendous burn bodies, some of them set fire burn alive  crime  committed  by criminal assad gangs!  

CNN - Aleppo 5 Star Prison  for Criminal Assad Gangs

Common,  that is 5 star hotel prison compare to how  criminal gang treat Syrian people, they killed with knife burn their bodies - that is very clean nice prison - far too good for criminal terrorist gangs! while so many  innocent people flee their from homes to another countries, well perhaps Ivan Watson thinks 5 star hotel for   their prison with each prisoner has their own double suite! Have a good time!