Monday, July 9, 2012

No More Fashionable Folly

I think Mr Annan times to sit in his garden for kittening his lone shadow. The imposition of his plan never ever design for working on 80% literacy Syrian people( this is not  80% illiteracy  population prior he  involved)  but, deign for despots and hotshots their countless agendas. He failed to understand unfair power balance between - the Rebels and criminal Assad start with, there is no teeth in it. Too much blood trenched Syrian people's  soul.  Without any enforceable mechanism,  just open ended, 300 unarmed observers with 23 million population – sheltered the criminal.  Under 300 observes' noses these’ horrible massacres occurred. There was momentary wistfulness from the people, out of desperation, the plan  was highjacked by and misused by criminal side becase of loopholes.  Ofocurse Syrian people outraged.  Whatever intention it may have been. Annan’s plan has no vision so it failed.   No more sheltering to  the psychopath. It is too later, his end is near I don’t think Syrian would accept Annan fashionably silken folly. But the Syrian would accept if his plan says  blunt true  i) criminal Assad with his few cronies step down. Forget about Russia and China they become irrelevant. As FSA’s strength grow and sweet wind blow Syrian people’s way! Among many one of the biggest mistake criminal made was, he ordered military  shot their own people- their own brothers fathers and mothers and their own children - they are utterly demoralized.