Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Aleppo Battle - FSA Heroic Standing

URGENT##Reports are confirming that Assad will strike Aleppo tonight and it will be one of the biggest hits on Aleppo since the start of the Revolution. May Allah swt the Almighty disable Assads Tanks and Warplanes. and Give Victory to our FSA! Please keep them in your Prayers tonight, they need it!

FSA# Aleppo - Latakia | | military build-up towards Aleppo Highway 01/08/201

Tanks after tanks criminal intent to use Aleppo city, we can see how desperate the criminal become, hey you the world are you  watching this? visiting your blindfolded conscience, world betrayed not, we are  asking where about your conscience! criminal's gangs are perpetrators! traitors of their own people they will be crucifix their crime.  3 million people's city is become rubble if the world not doing anything!  

Commander of the military council in the city of Aleppo


FSA# Homs..FSA bring down Assad helicopter 

1st of August 2012 

August is bring down enemy - The legend of true! Faithful to its owner and lustrous season that tending preparing crops on our field, wonderment of our moral progression!   


Important Information Please Publishing density / / bombs internationally prohibited Damascus 


The Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards says ' We will not allow the Assad regime to fall in Syria, we will do whatever is necessary to keep Assad in power of Syria "