Thursday, August 30, 2012

Know How To Shoot Both Lens and Guns

“If you keep giving people videos and cameras and satellite equipment so they can document how they are getting killed, it won’t stop the killing,” said Louay Sakka, one of the group’s eight board members, referring to the American aid. As for Mr. Assad’s loyalists, he added, “it’s only the language of force they understand.”
“Without force, tyranny will persist,” Dr. Danan said. “We will advocate with whatever means we can to mobilize the United States and other world powers to support the Syrian people, and not just with mere rhetoric.”

Yes, they know how documented but also they should know how to kill enemies too, so many field revolutionaries were killed, they should trained to shoot lens  as well as shoot gun shoot enemies hearts too.  

French official said that it is difficult to no-fly-zone, why can’t  you make yourself  is doable,  to set up the refugee camp in side Syria, it is not easy task but if solved international law( I don’t know this area so I can not make assessment) but under the UN Charter surly humanitarian base it can be done.
i)          Just shifted few yards from Turkish side boarder to Syrian side boarder build the refugee camp( this won’t be difficult).
ii)        Armed UN military for protection ( I think under UN humanitarian force it can be done) .
iii)       Declare that area  no-fly-zone or safe heaven for civilian(working at the Turkey which is NATO under NATO and Arab League( or unsc can’t be veto on this).

It is matter of urgency UN has  to prepare refugee camps for inside Syria for cope with the over flowing civilian, this can not be delay, before winter comes, it will getting worst.