Thursday, August 2, 2012

Syrian People Against Criminal Assad ONLY

Syrian People is not  Against  Other Religion their own people  but against criminal assad ONLY 

Latest developments from Aleppo:- Artillery shelling continues on Salah Eddin and Bestan Al qaser.- Decaying bodies left for several days on the entrances of Salah Eddin, no one is able to approach them due to snipers presence.- Helicopter and MIG warplanes shelling on Al Myasar neighborhood which left a lot of inured people.- Telecommunication and internet connection are cut off from most of Aleppo’s neighborhoods.- There are fears of genocide the regime is planning after cutting all means of communication.

International community, you ask yourself what is differenced between Hitler and criminal Assad? Hitler sent millions Jews to gas chambers. Assad tens of thousands people are slaughtered every day,   drive millions of people out of their homes and towns cities, faced mass starvation,  mass scale of destruction.  Our civilization itself faced on dangerous self deception self denial of being a human being. All these so called smart people, intellects and pundits are afraid of get out their comfy zone speak out what is going on Syrian people.  Their inconvincible snobbish silence not only Syria crisis but our whole civilization faces on deadened moral crisis. They turn blind and sit there bystanders and applauded of chaos,  see the slaughtered human species none of their own  unnecessaryconcern! Well do not tucked away your wealth of poignant another half, get it out show the world you are warm caring human being not just cold hearted rational being!  If you can’t see the human life itself is not human life  you are an accomplice of the perpetrator criminal,  world blindfold not, world you should not bullshit nice talking do not insert into your moral derogatory sheltered into the  calculated deem withered form, while hundreds of Syrian people slaughtered burned like animals, grilled become dark charcoaled. Airless weeping pain warden of morass, golloping manic depressive world of conscience. Open your eyes wide  see your torn tattered human fleshes, bloody piece of loud bomb, hit your sore  coward confused world of conscience. How could you unsc or un members sit where you made your Charter ‘ world peace and security”  your fragmented confused mined see the million people’s suffering!@ or are you waiting for few million people are slaughtered then


Criminal Assad every vocation of Sectarian Conflict  

Hizbullah Shi'ite Militants is preparing to send more of its militants to Syria along with its pilots to help the Assad regime in the fight to hold Aleppo in the hands of the Assad regime, so far there is 7,000 Hizbullah Shi'ite militants i
n Syria mainly in Zabadany and all will be heading to Aleppo along with Iranian Revolutionary Guards to help Assad with the onslaught of the Syrian civilians and FSA , we pray for their downfall and destruction for what they have done to us!