Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Important Military Information

of Aleppo. Ambassador-20 km north of Aleppo coefficient Defense Foundation is the largest institution of plant defense factories in Syria and containsstores of weapons manufactured in the lab and called the 400 stores and thereis also building 102 and 104, these buildings are the most important there is a Makesshots of the m.

I rounds 23 and make artillery shells of the 130 are located within the work premises for the manufacture of gas cylinders empty and a building for the manufacture of gas masks toxic and there are buildings is not allowed except for people with a high-ranking, reliable approaching from a chemical weapons , according to German intelligence (P The de) monitors the lab satellite confirm that the largest amount of gas (vx) and sarin found there the lab with time management which means that civil servants and soldiers Aladaran leaving the building at the 2 in the afternoon and remain at work only static guard, composed of 200 component fixed and 100 of the rotating plant is the first source of the system in the supply of the military, especially in this time of the plant subunits of the most important of detachment the main door which is responsible for the entrance and has a 3-point guard and the easiest of these points is a point called the (expansion) because of their direct mountain environment to work and learned that there is a military base surrounding the laboratory of the a right-wing air defense


You know, stupid feeble tyrannies ending are so similar, immense cost of humanity not mentioning economic ripple cost. We all brought believed in goodness always prevail I always believe never stop believe that makes us betterment, we are not angels, but when we thinking of making decisions, that decision brings  a greater  benefit of humanity always wiser then few of their own.