Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Heroes FSA's Deadly Affair

This is what is happening in Syria by the Assad Regime..this is what is being dropped on the civilians in Homs# Talbisah..Assad has declared war on the women, children civilians of Syria..Please watch this and share .
August 6th 2012

Bombs smokes fires  vile wild ash grey pricks  mass of world conscience!  the day is coming coming for sure the day of  burial criminal asssd that frying smoking shroud as  his body bag, forever his donkey tranny clan!

Statement from FSA , English subs provided FSA kills Russian General and assistant of Syrian Minister of Defense ! The Russian General 's name is Vladimir Petković and was working as military adviser and assistant for the Syrian Minister of Defense . A statement made by FSA on 5th of August 2012 .

How many innocent people have been killed by their evil cohort



Iran's foreign minister on Tuesday asked UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for his help in efforts to free dozens of Iranian pilgrims and aid workers captured recently in Syria and Libya."I would like to seek the co-operation and the good offices of Your Excellency for securing the release of these hostages," Ali Akbar Salehi wrote to Ban in a letter that Iran's UN mission provided to Reuters news agency.
"The kind co-operation of the relevant United Nations offices in responding to this request of (Iran's) Government and the families of the hostages will be highly appreciated," Salehi said.
The request for UN assistance was delivered a day after Iran's Foreign Ministry summoned a senior diplomat from the Swiss Embassy in Tehran, which protects US interests in Iran, to discuss the missing Iranians in Syria.
FSA the Syrian people says "NOP" ...by any means.... Syrian people lives are equally important precious as anyone this world!