Saturday, August 11, 2012

Calling for Effective US Leadership

The first aspect is "how we judge the effectiveness of what we are doing in terms of supporting the opposition", the official said, adding that pressure and isolation of the regime was part of the strategy.
The second part of the strategy, according to the US official, would be to extend humanitarian assistance to Turkey as it copes with an influx of refugees from Syria.
The third strategy, the US official said, is built on a transition plan out of the "strong conviction" that Assad's days are numbered and that the international community needs to be prepared to support Syrians.

In my view the above as:

1) US is  effectiveness in some area as; i)  information sharing, CIA on the ground for  corporation clearly yes effective but  overall supporting in terms of the opposition is not effective, this is war civil war, need proper weapon for the FSA, US excusing  this and that - paranoia allergy Al Quad, November election( gosh still few months away!), well yes most of all Yankee was deeply wounded by  Afghanistan and Iraqis cold love despite spend each trillions hahahah--- I can understand that ii) isolation of regime is working but not fast enough, iii) if clearly distinctively the FSA wins there is more defection more fast crack but because of FSA wins but unable to occupied permanently the captured areas because the criminal airpower,  as we have seen Damascus and Aleppo very clear, this is major issue, I think so US allies  must proper armed the FSA with weapon. FIM-92 Stingers The FSA Need  why are you not give them please! 
2) If the item is 1) satisfied then  in certain extent Syrian people not have to flee to another countries, able to create no-fly-zone or safe zone the captured area; i.e farming rural area( about 40%) food problem can be solved or cost less, it can be absorbed fleeting Syrian people. That cost much cheaper than fleeting another countries and also it would be better spend the money becase creates its own economy so Syrian perspective it is not dead end of fleeting. That way Syrian people least basic normality and creates  and sustainable economic even small scales. In terms of psychology, inside Syria is much healthy for them, not stateless still in their own country.   
3) There is “mood” or feeling, Syrian people think they are abandoned by international community. One of the reason they are toward God this is the  reason,  they only have their God, this is very important, there is majority of UN Ass stand by Syrian people and they are about over 100 countries listed as they are “friends of Syria,”  I believed they are all US allies, why not then US provide her  leadership  these countries and united front to  support  oppositions then many countries  will willingly follows US leadership so US don’t need spend trillion for buy love.  

All the above says need effective US leadership that is all!  

Here is pretty interesting analysis  from CNN