Monday, August 6, 2012

Syrian Prime Minister Defect!


Muhammad el-Etri, former PM Hijab's spokesperson, confirms that Hijab is safe in Jordan, along with ten family members.
He has urged more officials to defect from the Syrian government.
El-Etri said the defection was planned for "months", and was executed in collaboration with the Free Syrian Army.

Syrian prime minister 'sacked' defect
Riad Farid Hijab has been dismissed from post, state television says, amid reports that he has defected to Jordan.

Riad Farid Hijab, the Syrian prime minister, has been been sacked from his post, state television has said.
President Bashar al-Assad appointed Hijab, a former agriculture minister, as prime minister in June, following a parliamentary election in May.
Omar Ghaliwanji, Syria's deputy prime minister, has been appointed to lead a caretaker government, state media reported on Monday.Authorities hailed the May poll for being a major step towards political reform, but the opposition movement against Assad's government dismissed them as a sham.
Such sackings are a common way for state television to react when an official has defected.Hijab had been a part of the Ba'ath party command since 1998, and was appointed as the head of the Latakia governate when anti-government protests first broke out there last year. (I underlined) 
Awesome! Welcome to Freedom Land!     HAHAH...