Monday, August 20, 2012

One Purpose – Remove Criminals

The Tawhid Brigade

As Syrian opposition fighters are battling regime troops, there are struggles within the rebel ranks over funds, arms, ideology and influence.  

This is a war, it doesn't matter one's ideology in a battle field where life or death every fleeting moment, but only wining battles, everything what they have, to gather to what they stand for, if. because of their believe make them strong better coordination in a battle field that is how it stands for the merit. Been through Libya battle field fighting and real political  people’s choice of who they want is clearly defined and was different. If west et al not funding for or discrimination   because of more conservative their believed that is not clear justification for the situation on the ground. As always  religion or one believed provided them kinship and sense of belong, sense of unity  that play a huge role for the moral of the team, the 8,000 fighters, that is a huge mobilization coordination and wining every battles so far that is a great proven!  Again, one thing so clear majority of fighters very young, also we consider Syria median age around 22 years, very young vibrant, there is no curse of oil riches states have, I can not see these young population mind anything other than turn into extremists after the war. On the ground their courageous battles all about their Syria, that comes first and spiritually  their religion their believed give them strength  unity and comfort they need,  which natural any human being that faced on dangerous situations.


Fighting also continues in Aleppo today. This video was posted by the Tawhid Brigade — one of the most overtly Islamist units operating in Syria right now — which says it attacked the Suleimaniyah checkpoint in Aleppo today. None of the fighting is actually visible in the video, though you can hear gunshots in the background, and the videographer mumbling "allahu akbar."