Monday, August 20, 2012

"Safe Zone" within Syria for Refugees

(Reuters) - The United Nations may need to create a "safe zone" within Syria to accommodate a growing number of refugees from the fighting there, Turkey's foreign minister was quoted as saying on Monday.

Turkey, already hosting nearly 70,000 Syrians fleeing the 17-month-old revolt against President Bashar al-Assad, may soon be unable to cope, Ahmet Davutoglu told the Hurriyet newspaper.
"If the number of refugees in Turkey surpasses 100,000, we will run out of space to accommodate them. We should be able to accommodate them in Syria. The United Nations may build camps in a safe zone within Syria's borders," he was quoted as saying.
Syrian rebels have expanded the territory they hold near the Turkish border in the last few weeks and opposition groups have said they need the protection of no-fly zones and safe havens patrolled by foreign forces.

This will inevitably, I gather this will be ideal situation, fair enough I mean Turkey more than generous of course, Lebanon and Jordan… this make least most create ideal situation just in case drag on this conflict, so that Syrian not have to run away other countries but in their own country, yes no-fly-zone and foreign force must in the ground. UN must create this immense  humanitarians crisis of millions people displacement  effectively business like management;

i)                    UN set refugee campus inside Syria
ii)                  Must UN force under the ground for protecting the civilian.
iii)                No-fly-zone safe zone so that Syrian fleeing there not outside of Syria
iv)                If this conflict drag on least they can have normality within their own Syria and also creates some kind  of sustainable economy activity to  encourage, women’s cottage industry knitting, easy to make sell regional countries.  
v)                  Work with farmers  surround areas for food
vi)                Hospitals and schools even able to set up so that volunteers doctors and teachers able to assists  them …

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