Friday, August 3, 2012

Time Machine

Some people pack their hearts going on away heartlessly with their baggage, not waiting for the their holiday but going on away is always coming back with their holiday so they are hoping world behind and waiting for them, well sure the world will waiting for you another side of the coin, you were going away with time machine, the other way rounding so you went another way you will meet your grand-grand-grandfather where you never every born!  No one in here middle revolution the FSA never stop – what is going on Aleppo, Damascus Homs, Darra Hama …?

When Bing and Google improve their translation!

Questioning of unsc 

UN General Assembly vote showed the world standing for Syrian people overwhelming majority. Condemn unsc,  few countries against is predictable ant-US and West allies, it showed Russia has no power,  Russia is nobody no power in UNGA, same as others it has one vote so Russia try to bring it to unsc, so that they veto! So We the WORLD say no more? Wonder whole the UNGA ganged against dismantle the useless unsc? That is not democracy out of tyranny of cold war by-pass stock out-of-date  so replace more modern and democracy UNGA so that everyone has one vote and pass through majority!  Syria problem never go back to unsc for sure!

Update: the whole world  condemning the unsc, their power mongering their own feeble benefit expense of million people’s suffering and their life. The world we have to questioning  its functionality as a custodian of the “ the world peace and security”. whether they fit for calling themselves or claim themselves a keeper of the Charter. It was tainted especially Russia's  intention, there is The Charter” they should followed but Russia reject their own interest. So the unsc they can not unable to carried out impartiality, put their interest aside when comes to the majority of the people’s suffering their live-hood. Criminal assad hardly called himself a sovereign country president, he inherited from the position from his father, he happen to be born whin another dictator which never have been the  people’s chose but came to power with gun point. Gosh how I hate bullies! they often stupid actually no power, real powerful within, when people really powerful they never exploitation inhumane way! 

This is few days ago Aleppo

All Syrian victim of criminal assad, he hid somewhere let the both side Syrian fight each other!