Saturday, August 25, 2012


Here F. Stephen Larrabee from Project Syndicate insightful commentary what US et al should do, they can not be a bystander and just provide “non-lethal non-of their core business” approach.  The Syrian are feel betrayed  by the US et al non-violent approach while hundreds people are being  killed every single day and criminal regime brutally escalated extreme degree violent and refugee over flow and conflict spill over neighboring  counties, PKK movement northern Turkish boarder –criminal regime calculated  tacit- it is almost out of control. So US et al must act NOW, more actively and assertively supporting the FSA  as the below is from Larrabee’s:

Moreover, the conflict in Syria has significant geostrategic implications beyond Syria’s border. The issue is not simply Syria’s evolution, but the nature and stability of the future political order in the Middle East.
             The US should provide opposition forces with increased intelligence and communication equipment, thereby enabling them to coordinate their attacks more effectively.
             The US should supply arms, ammunition, and logistical support to the opposition, beyond what Saudi Arabia and Qatar currently are providing. Additional weapons – including anti-tank guided missiles, mortars, and sniper rifles – would enable the opposition to launch effective attacks from a distance, and challenge the pro-Assad forces’ air supremacy.
             America and its key allies should help to train the opposition forces to operate these weapons. The training provided by France, Britain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates played a critical role last year in shifting the balance in favor of Libyan opposition forces, and it could have a similar impact in Syria.
 I add few more point is that, “No-Fly-Zone” is most urgent, it can stop the criminal regime indiscriminate attacking  by air this not only able to change for ground situation for FSA also the protect innocent civilian and also able create somewhere near Turkish boarder safe haven for refugees and international community provided the military protect the refugees. Do not waste your breath on the unsc anymore you won’t get it. There is “ Friend of Syria” there is 133 or countries  vote for the Syrian people. 
Most saddest thing is, Syrian people life is not important as much as other national’s  life.  Journalists’ death and missing have intensive coverage while so many Syrian people's  death treated as non-human entity, borderline nonexistent of human life  trashed into tornado pieces spread around rubbish dumping ground as if they were never have been someone beloved  sons or fathers. Our humanity no conscience, vacuumed off its innocent mentally by greediness blindness of its comforted sphere.  One of supreme comic is unsc, Charter is “ world peace and security”   they consider themselves superpower of keeper of world pieces( not peace) et al.  Just not right, their backstreet parish peace operation under the banner of the unsc, their seedy conscience nothing more than a mere bully they lost their legitimacy eye of the world