Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bird Eye View

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After President  Obama steep comment, international press gone  deep depressive to mania, deep suspicion, the world most powerful man speak so to... everyone responses wit  of their own sphere. That is ok, ideal freedom of speech, that is what Syrian people fighting for… Russian try to bring Syria issue into the unsc ring to sparing match, where Russia is safer and have venial muscle  to flanking. To be frank Syrian point of view, they don’t care who is. As long as someone who help them to remove criminal Assad few of his cronies, end this atrocity. Come to this far there is no one go back down until criminal few of cronies to go.   Well anyway. One of these comment the criminal camp says, if US et al attack Syria they faced on all dimensional bordering countries attack. That is inside point of view, when you looking at the outsider point of complete opposite.  Looking at the map, I must say Syria position prime donna position, that is why regional and international powers try to influence on Syria. As:
i)                    Nice sea landing just across Cyprus.
ii)                  Accessing five different countries   
iii)                All these five countries  are US et allies one or another way
iv)                All theses five countries deeply affect on Syria civil war. Politically economically geographically.
v)                  Syria have rich natural resources.
vi)                 Rich human resources median age is 22 years old
vii)              All these countries afraid or will be affect if Syria launch bio-chemical warfare.    
viii)            Rich oily Golf states are standing by all Sunni Muslims.
ix)                Turkey is NATO, want to be seen as good guy and dreaming of Ottoman empire in the region.  

Must pre-conditioned of criminal and  his cronies leave for any negotiation in my view.