Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sunset at the Field

Good Evening Sunset! 

This is sunset at the field probably he goes down almost, his horizontal ocean bed, within 5 -10 minutes will twilight dusk most emotional period of  start now to next few minutes that is how splendiferous he is and bit sad that is all  just fleeting our life like that in this immense universe we are just little dust yes even dust has its moment we could be the splendiferous like sunset, I must say he is setting so nicely in his night that is all.

I have been thinking of picking up brush again which I haven’t done for so long time  immensely enjoying when I am in at canvas,  thinking of thinks only matter to canvas, things that feel strongly dazzling lines brood clasping colors, go over here there I don’t anguish anymore when things are not goes its way,  sometimes fleeting breath of trailing sense of urgency and peace in cohort, I have to painting make time for me, filled void with dwellers footstep  I am not sure why I stop for  picking up brushes  so long time bit strange to me