Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cannot Destroy The Will Of The People


Al-Kurdi told Al Jazeera the government of Bashar al-Assad "cannot destroy the will of the people", adding that the opposition fighters "only need another two months to take the regime down".

Comments on the clips as:

1)      FSA needs  FIM-92 Stingers- why can't you give them what they want? 
2)      Nature of war is violent, so many fighters would have personal tragic stories, it is their personal war,  that would be hard to control on the ground.  
3)      Setting up separate states: that could be on-going civil war.
4)      PKK setting up far north: that is on-going conflict and certainly Turkish interest in this too
5)      Extremists, inevitability if this conflict drags on.
6)      All these countries a huge big mouth befitting on their spamming buffoon pretention, the old saying is” empty pans are make much louder noisy than full-filled pans-  supporting or arming they never done it. Yes cost nothing for just rattle -rattles until their bite. Slimy empty rhetoric is result of fierce self betrayal, only commanding its doom!  

Hey aftermath is important, managing the change; need powerful wise incorruptible leaderships! The commander, his heroic face bit lighten up, of courses even thought depressing situation he should looking forward his Syria's future!