Monday, August 6, 2012

The FSA is the Only Legitimate Syrian People’s Army

Free Syrian Army ,,the Best Bravest Courageous Army in the World ..Please watch what they have been doing for the past year just to defend and protect the women and children of Syria from the forces of Bashar Assad, Syria is proud of them, Syrians love them respect them, they are our honor and Pride !

The FSA is the OLNY  legitimate Syrian people’s army, earns respect from the people's hearts.  They are the defenders of Syria and her people! Their bravery and courage, ingenuity in the battle immense fortitude is revealing!  Their handsome noble deed is inspirational,  grace of the heroic warriors!  They are coolest guys in the world!  Their heroic endeavour will beat the truly ugliest-stupidest-second rate- donkey Assad and they will save their nation from criminal Assad terrorists!