Thursday, August 30, 2012

The War Against Civilians

The War Against Syria’s Civilians

It’s becoming increasingly clear in Syria that the Assad regime has adopted a strategy of total war to stave off its collapse. If the claims made by opposition activists are true, last weekend’s mass executions of as many as four hundred suspected rebels and civilians, including children, by regime forces in the town of Daraya near Damascus, was the single largest atrocity yet committed in the eighteen-month-old conflict. There is no reason to believe that it will be the last. In this kind of war, it’s not about winning hearts and minds. This is old-school: you don’t try to win over your enemies and their family members, you kill them.

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Yeah criminal regime collapsing near!


Morsi openly expressed solidarity with the Syrian opposition. "Our solidarity with the struggle of the Syrian people against an oppressive regime that has lost its legitimacy is an ethical duty as it is a political and strategic necessity," Morsi said. "The bloodshed in Syria is hanging over all of us. It is our responsibility... to actively intervene to stop the killings," he added.

I don’t think  Mr Morsi  comment is not necessary about Sunni against Shiite, but rather inevitable force of change in Arab world, also ethical concern. Criminal Assad regime is exceptionally brutal and sadistic killing Syrian people. have you seen any regime survival after that kind of brutally and destruction? No there is no way!