Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Silence People

Under surface appears.   Aleppo “ Silence people”  they are not take any of sides this conflict. They are afraid. Especially Syria, they fear for their life and uncertainty. Especially criminal Assad exceptionally  brutal massacre atrocity carried out and bombs  where people up rising, or take the revolutionary side i.e. Homs that is example. That is basic human instinct.  So they take no stands meantime, they just there as silences spectators,  see  what  happens, how the conflict unfold...  This is happens most of revolutions called “ Silence people”.  When the “silence people” take their side is when they know one side is clear wining and they know their life would be safe then they will participated. So meantime. FSA do not expect too much from the “silence people” let them just keep doing what they do best as:

1)      This is Syrian against criminal Assad  regime, this is not Sunie against other religions.
2)      There is no sectarian revenge everyone  Syrian will be equal after the war regardless their religion sect.
3)      The FSA must showed unshakable conviction  what they stand for, that is articulated by words symbols. i.e. we fight for the Syria future… be creative in here.  
4)      Publicized regime defections and shows the FSA winnings. International community support this revolutions.
5)      US et al must provide Stingier missiles so that FSA able to shot criminal fighters jets and helicopters. 
6)      The oppositions work with UN must supplies basic where FSA occupied areas. 

7)      Opposition should more focus propaganda war, majority of population only access TV radio instead of the Facebook or Youtube, especially when broadband unable access.