Saturday, August 4, 2012

Oh Allah swt!

Oh Allah swt , The Victory that you have promised

May our Heroes   FSA be Victorious by the will of Allah swt.

URGENT#Daraa..All lines of Communication have been cut off and Electricity by the Assad forces..we fear that Assad forces will be committing a Grand Massacre in Daraa, as when all lines of communication are cut off and electricity that is a sign of Assad forces are planning on destruction.

FSA# Aleppo# Manegh this moment Clashes between Battalion Liwah Tawheed are in fierce clashes at the Military Airport in Manegh! 

#FSA Saqour Al Sham special forces 
Important # 
In regards to the so called Iranian Pilgrims that have come to Syria , FSA has captured them while they were in their bus, FSA confirms that they are not Pilgrims at all they have come into S
yria under the name of Pilgrims to get away with their crimes in Syria, FSA confirms that the Iranians along with 8 Hizbullah Shi'ite militants were carrying arms on them and Military devices of communication on them ..


Damascus Bombing 

"There has been heavy bombardment in different neighbourhoods in Aleppo:

Criminal  assad is bombing everywhere, the arm built for foreign now he is using for Syrian people, he is a shamble disgrace enemy of Syria  he has no one stand for him, how long? The heroes FSA will stretch their territory beyond  zest of moor and strengthen their power to people’s hearts, villages vine yards, olive groves on their indomitable soil, where poppy sprawling their seeds, melted over cites  people never sleep, they call themselves sovereigns, our land they say, we are the nation they say,  endless walls constitute their rudiment minds  along with shady streets, debris rubbles seer of their own reality,  lovers’ dead bodies,  agony of sphere, people outbidding their love  lavish their affection to their lovers,  O  hollowed long  market place  where invulnerable  people’s hearts open to their  heroes, who they belong to who belong to them  and where  hapless  shameful coercion to lead the disgrace of enemy lay down their arms for concessions!