Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Warrior FSA Creativity

Taking over airfield and sky and making own guns weapons, this is all motivation, their own personal war, their Victory belong to them, every day bit by bit they beat the criminal gangs, whose fighting is belong to one donkey family!

Just one quick note for criminal Assad tv interview. He is a donkey, made a donkey statement, he said that, he need time to kill about 21 millions  people, well yes certainly he needs time to kill 21 millions!” Anyone not killing him please? Surely somewhere in a deep bunker he live like rats. Well his rat hole there will be no sunshine forever, he will be dead dark deep rat hole for sure!   80% literacy and median age of 22 years old,  majority of young people are accessing internets Google Facebook… this pitiful donkey family shelter behind  polices security systems, starvation of modem minds try put them into few centuries past time machine. Well there is no go back but only forward, our impressive minds are progressive change all the time and challenge limitation,  any system failed to accommodate  they  should die out!   

Why the FSA and the Revolutionary Will be Victory:
i)        Because they nowhere but they are everywhere.
ii)       They are creative and ingenuous and resourceful.
iii)      The are marking history.  
iv)      They are making out of comedies from their personal tragedies.
v)       Their view wide open.
vi)      They know they are doing for whole not for their own little  personal gain.
vii)     They are most of beautiful and strong minded people who willing give up for their life for      others. … etc….