Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Criminal Assad is Preparing for Chemical Weapons

FSA Captures A Missile Storage Base Near Damascus, SYRIA - Free 

The FSA captures a missile storage base near Damascus. Some of the missiles were being modified by the Assad regime so that chemically charged warheads could be fixed on them 


Few days back criminal assad  premised to the world  that  he  will not going to use chemical weapons, even Russia ensured that  criminal gave his words for noting using it but  we know criminal Assad word is based on baseline of lie lie lie  so he was preparing for using chemical weapons behind back of world. How long we the world let him alive? You know, few of these missiles blow off air with bio-chemical gems well you know the horrors story of chemical warfare, criminal Assad more than welling to use it.  A horror is just around corner, a mass destruction... criminal regime just become a mere killing machine