Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Story of Challenge

I am not an angel far from it. But I consider myself good at my own arena. My personal experiences, sometime within only a month most or few weeks, you have to take over a business which were often last end result I was appointed. Hundred of people’s life-hood also should consider and sometimes hundred of people( only with rough training) mobilizes very short period of time.  There is no time because the business going down drain or change into  hands of others or take it over etc... In that situation I considered myself a surgeon emergency table, you make your own decision no one make it for you; i) Is this savable or not? ii) Where is the deep haemorrhage spot? iii) Courage. As always has been the deep bleeding spots are, people + system= variables=old mentality.  Change or reengineering among many things, reengineering human resources is the main theme along with technology. There is no text book you can consult to, you are your own! One of the key challenge is dealing with paradoxical force of  “fear and motivation” within, how the fear turn into the “ aspiration”  I  save you, you save me, we save together! So unshakable  integrity and commitment for betterment for all of us!  Our theme has been a simple, without organization  you will have no job, so no business no job, what is gone be?   I am not doing this for my own benefit but for all of us OK? Are you with me or not?  You have to camp on yourself mentally and physically within few months.  I become a skeleton always after each assignment. Well each day you need a few glass of red wine! This is my story.  Have a happy day I shall certainly do!

Update: not all daunting and heavy stuff, sometimes very simple solutions, just redesigned incentive systems and services delivery,  not only money but  how to do...very simple things make it a huge different.