Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Door Always Open To Us

Meeting with Our Brothers and Sisters

South never shut the door to North, always open and with open minded and patience, a older brother cares about his younger brother. Yes I agree if we prepare the unification the cost of unification not much as  East and West Germany. There is lots of ways to learn from German unification. Start from civilian level, not a political. South is leading technology and wealthy, should help North Korean brothers,  help in any way, even if initially they might be refuse it but continuously try.  You know when your younger brother is hungry you should share with your wealth that is how we brought up. Must be genuine with sincerity.   Ordinary people should never think of North Koreans are our enemy but our own brothers and sisters. You never forget that your family even if they divided for more than 50 years. If South need to beg North Korean brothers come to the table then they should. Why not? Do it more, it doesn’t hurt you.  North Korean brothers are  bad mouthing South that is ok we can deal with it. No problems!  When you are wiser and wealthy you can afford to be benevolence to others.  Remember our dearest wish is The Unification!