Saturday, October 1, 2011

If You Love For Love

If you love for beauty,
Oh, do not love me!
Love the sun,
She has golden hair!

If you love for youth,
Oh, do not love me!
Love the spring;
It is young every year!

If you love for treasure,
Oh, do not love me!
Love the mermaid;
She has many clear pearls!

If you love for love,
Oh yes, do love me!
Love me ever,
I'll love you evermore

What a glory glory song never tired of listening.  If you love for love you love please do love me!  Iove me ever I will love you evermore!  Been thinking our endeavour in this earth. Beautifully courageous, magnificent darling, their struggles  their endless hardship but never give up their struggle  until their inevitable victories, the magnificence spices is called human being, WE.  I am deeply thankful and  privilege to be one of them.