Saturday, October 8, 2011

Honey Badger Don't Care

Here an articles from NYT, saying the Occupy Wall Street as “the Honey Badger”. Ha ha ha…, definitely awesome worrisome if you are not on their side.   See the AWESOME HONEY BADGER below.  

WHAT A PURE AWESOME BEAST!!! Never give up just keep going! When I look into this amazing creature, nature made, I have deep admirations, touches me deeply its furious-firehouse-ferociousness and superbness. I don’t know what is but immense energy its enthusiasm, gorge for life, pure just so pure…, O yes that is right it is pure wild and natural, life itself, a pure life, to kills or to be killed, there is no nonsense in animals world. Carnivorous, there is no middle ground but you or me. One has to be eaten by another. Immensely duty bound life itself in life this earth. I love the ferocious beast.