Thursday, December 6, 2012

Manageable Chaos

The US state department has expressed concern over the influence of fundamentalist groups in Syria, including the al-Nusra Front, which is said to have ties to al-Qaeda.
Spokesman Mark Toner told reporters that groups like al-Nusra are increasingly "a matter of concern" to Washington.
"Although they make up a relatively small part of the opposition to Assad, we know that these groups, al-Qaeda and their ilk, try to take advantage of exactly the kind of environment that Assad has fostered over the last year or so," Toner said.
Unknown before the start of the uprising in Syria in March 2011, al-Nusra has claimed responsibility for recent suicide bombings that have rocked Syria, including in the capital Damascus and Aleppo.
Some rebel groups, including al-Nusra, have said they want to create an Islamic state after the current authoritarian government is removed, and reject a future government formed by other opposition groups in Syria - an outcome Washington deems unacceptable.
This is funny thing, the reality is, there are few different type of jihadists or extremists or dedicated Muslims on the ground, one of them the  al-Nusra et al, one of the most fearless, well skilled and looking for a glory of martyrdom  fighters, they are minority so as the number of  martyrdom and injury  much higher than any other fighters on the ground because of their standing at the most frontline, certainly they are very for dedicates  Allah solders,  they give their life for their Allah, name of Allah to get rid of terrorist Assad gang.They made a clear( they reject fervently  they are not a "nationalist") that is not necessary terrorists either. There is always extremists in every religion!  So I think other FSA fighters let al-Nusra stand frontline for  shelter for them. And all the credit FSA gets!  There is also other group, they are almost all Syrian Muslims(closely nationalist) FSA revolutionary, they are not sectarian,  embraces all sectors of Syrian regardless religions, they are immensely dedicated their Syria, they will die for Syria, they need their Allah for over come this hard revolution their beloved Syria and their personal tragic. I think the Quran or the Allah give them courage which something we all need  when we faced on a great hardship, they need money and weapon for attracting hardliner benefactors which West et all didn’t help them last 20 or months, so in my view because of minority start with, of the al-Nursra et all, also their martyrdom make them still remains as a minority!    When US et al comes with money and weapons you will see all the extremists fundamentalist will  be disperse! Also there are few other groups! Manageable chaos with  right leadership, bottom up! 

Update: In my view al-Nusra is not terrorist but they are   jihad or  Mujahideen. Now west et al set them as a terrorist that is bit out of proposition in Syria. they believe their God( very individuality)  and carried out their believing duty that does n;t mean that they are terrorist! In Syria they  are fighting against the unspeakable terrorist criminal Assad name of their Allah, - christens do that too - I don;t think no one has right to condemn once's believe   whether that is a stone or tree or any other mean as long as they not harm to you! Also everyone has right to express what sort of political system they want  in Syria post criminal Assad, that is their right! They can say,  for heaven sake that is their liberty of expression and freedom which the very thing they are fighting for!